Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas, and 2 weeks of no classes

I received a wonderful Christmas gift from my husband. He chauffered me to the dojo where I used to train years and years ago under my first Sensei. I was able to visit with some Sempai, and fellow students that I used to train with, and meet some wonderful new friends. I was so proud of their achievements, some had gone forwards, and earned their black belt. Some had competed nationally, and won the Gold medal for Team kata. I barely recognized some of the students as they once were small teenagers, and now were adults. It was a wonderful day of sharing time, energy, and training together.

Yesterday was the final class of this year, and I face 2 weeks of no classes due to the Holidays. This is the aspect of Christmas that I like the least because my body does not understand "holiday". It needs a constant regime of stretching, and working out, or it causes me trouble. I will have to find moments of sandwiched time inbetween the extra parties, and celebrations, and lack of classes available to personally train in the small confined space of my living room as my children try to walk past me to go to the kitchen, or such. I'm going to try to pay a drop in fee, and visit a nearby health facility to work on the machines there to keep up my endurance, if possible. IF the gym is open, and available, I'll sneak in there to do kata.

My husband saw the sad look in my eyes at the thought of no classes for 14 days, and he offered to allow me to practice my self defense applications on him during his vacation days. I might just take him up on that offer ( more than once).

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Selby Karateka said...

Hi Mireille,
Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you and your family.
No karate for 2 weeks! I to am suffering, I have used my non training time to put some extra work into my blog.
I have posted a list of over 100 kata that our assocation train in and 150+ videos mainly of the 26 Shotokan kata but a few kata that you may have never have seen.
A little Christmas present for a fellow karateka when you are itching to get back to training. One of my favourite Asai ryu kata is Meikyo Nidan, like Meikyo it was a development of Matsumora Rhohai.
Have a great 2009, God bless, Osu!