Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve.. completed

YES! In spite of hardly any room to move, and half a dozen people interrupting the area where I am training consistently, I have succeeded in my goal of doing 209 Chudan Tsuki ( middle punches), 209 Mae Geri ( Front kicks), and 29 Kata to bring in the New Year.

My Goals last year were:

Kihon: To work on my right fist so that it is more solid, and constant. To unite my body's effort when doing push ups so that I do not stress my shoulders.

Kata: To compete at a Tournament in Montreal this spring as a Kyokushin Adult in Kata competition.

Kumite: To work on keeping my guard hands up at in a better level when sparring so that they can be useful.

I'm quite happy to state that I have improved in my Kihon goals. My push ups are more controlled, and united. My fists could stand improvement, but I have managed to bring up the level of my efforts.

I was not able to achieve my goal to compete at a Tournament in Montreal, BUT I did travel to Montreal, and trained with 3 wonderful Sensei. I brought home some Bo kata to work upon.

In Kumite, I have been successful in keeping my hands more up, and forwards. I will continue to work on this aspect.

This year I have a different goal for all three areas of my training:

I want to focus on improving my inner mental condition.

In Kihon, I want to learn to see each technique as worthy of it's own existence, and focus on the quality of that movement alone rather than thinking of the past, or future.

In Kata, I want to learn to see beyond each movement, and live outside of the technique seeing applications, and meaning.

In Kumite, I want to learn to anticipate my opponent's attacks.

I wish you all a most wonderful, healthy, and joyful New Year! Good training to you.


Sarah said...

Happy New Year and great goals!

Ikigai said...

Very goal oriented! I commend you on your tenacity and hope you achieve everything on your list.

supergroup7 said...

Thank you Sarah, and Ikigai, I wish you both a healthy, happy, and successful New Year!!