Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Year.. New opportunities

I tell myself "Wake up!" as often my mind wants to wander among the negative experiences of the past, and to fear, or to look ahead with anxiety at the possibilities of the future.

But this does not need to be..

I know that I am more than a culmination of past mistakes.

Yes, I need to take responsibility for what I have done and not run away from them, but I can see them as moments to improve.

I can choose to see things in a positive way, and to use each experience in the same manner.

I can grow.

Our minds and bodies have been designed to meet challenges, and become stronger. Our spirit can do so also.

A tree seed can grow on the side of cliff, hanging out of that crack in the wall of rock defying gravity, and teaching us that there is no environment too harsh to stop life from continuing.

Nothing can stop a determined spirit from achieving.


Mathieu said...

Acheive senseï, Acheive!

I just read the comment you kindly left a while back. You were asking if I trained while on vacation.

Well, no. I didn't. Motivation is very hard to find for me as I am struggling to just keep going.

But as I always posted when I was pumped up : Persevere. I keep persevering even if I'm not that motivated. I keep going to class even if my heart doesn't shine like it used to do at the thought of training. I don't know, but my energy now goes to a little someone! She's grown so much, you wouldn't recognize the little baby you saw in our house. Like the song goes, she's my pride and joy! (but not like the song says)

Truth is, I became lazy. There's only one way out of lazyness. Work.

Happy training in 2009. Hope you get to train for 60 more years!

supergroup7 said...


Wonderful to see you again!

I understand, and remember how much energy, time, and effort it takes to love a child into growing up. You keep cherishing those moments.. they will disappear faster each day.

Thank you for your encouraging comment.

Ikigai said...

Very nice post, and a bit coincidental as I recently wrote about something similar - something called resilient optimism in the human condition. Check it out if you get a chance!

supergroup7 said...

Thank you Ikigai for posting that link to your weblog. I encourage any readers to go and read the post that you made on resilient optimism. It explains the whole idea in a very concrete, and understandable manner. Fantastic! I really enjoyed it.

One day.. when I can.. I will return to read more.

It is quite interesting that we were both speaking of the same idea at the same time. COOL!!!! I wrote my posting as soon as I had awakened this morning. It was fresh from my dreams, and heart. WE must have been humming with the same vibrations.

Ikigai said...

Agreed - and I look forward to your return.

Michael Larkin said...


We had contact via the internet many years ago. At that time I was the Chief Instructor of the Shotokan Karate-do Dojo in Philadelphia, PA.

We used to send you our dojo newsletter and I recall some very informative exchanges of email regarding your MA journey. I think you'd just passed your 3rd kyu exam around that time.

Well, serendipity and luck brought me to your blog and I just wanted to say "well done" to you for continuing your training and for your progress.

Alas, a rather severe accident in 2005 has left me unable to continue with physical training but, karate-do is more than physical and I consider myself fortunate to have had the experiences in my training to continue as a karateka.

Be well, old friend and best wishes to you as you continue in search of the essence of karate-do.


Michael Larkin
SKDD Philadelphia, Pa.

supergroup7 said...

Welcome Sensei Larkin! I remember you fondly. I remember how the SKDD forum was the very first Martial Arts forum that I started visiting when I was still a white belt, and the wonderful reception, and wise advice that I received from you, and the other posters.

I thank you for visiting my weblog, and encouraging me with your presence. It could not have come at a better time.

OSU Sensei! I am sorry that you had suffered such a fierce accident. It is so true that Karate-Do is far more than just physical, and that it is a part of one's determined spirit, and heart.

I wish you good health, happiness, and prosperity throughout the New Year. I'm so happy to hear from you. Thank you.

"oldman" said...

New guy here. Your bio reminds me of one of my students. She is in her fifties and a mom of 8. Good job with your test. More than that good job living a vigorous life.

supergroup7 said...

Welcome to my blog, Oldman.

Thank you for your kind words. I do wish your student the best on her path! Truly I can appreciate the challenges facing her, and I cheer her on her willingness to face these.