Saturday, July 18, 2009

No time left for me

Summer holidays, and although I have more time at home due to karate classes being halted for vacation, I have less time for me to train as I have a house filled with needs/ desires/ and people.

I have had to "steal" time here and there for push ups, sit ups, kata, basics.. but it's a sporadic thing now and then.

Tuesday night I dedicated a good 2 hours to basics/ self defense / combinations/ conditioning. I needed to dodge the various people walking back and forth through the rooms, but I managed to accomplish my goals.

Last night, after 2 hours of yard work, I managed to get some weapons practice in with both Bo, and nunchuks

Today is dedicated to picnics, birthday parties, and movies. I managed to grab a good 40 minutes of training so far today( like I said, bits and pieces here and there)

I'll have to try to incorporate some training into the picnic games without looking too weird. Who knows.. there might be some time for kata after all is cleaned up, everyone has left, and I'm waiting for my husband to pick me up.

I know that I did do hundreds of squats at my daughter's Grade 6 farewell pizza/dance party as I picked up broken balloon pieces off of the dance floor. Also, blowing up the hundreds of balloons did exercise my lungs/ kiai.

Having a scheduled class helps standardize the work outs.. Although it is a nice change to have freedom, and fun, I can't wait until summer vacation ends, and we return to a rhythm of training.


ruth said...

Wow, how do you still have the energy, or at least the motivation after a hard day, to fit all that training in?

Do you ever have days where you can't switch your brain off after training? For me it seems to be a struggle at the moment.

Mathieu said...


supergroup7 said...

Hi Ruth, Hi Mat!

Energy? I don't count that as a factor. I just have this inner "want" to make sure that I do some karate.. It's similar to wanting to read a book, or wanting to eat chocolate, but is a little stronger than that.

What do you mean by "Switch your brain off?" Usually by the time my training is finished, I'm so tired that when I get home, I just collapse on my bedding, and I'm out. Sometimes I don't even remember how I got to my bed, or where I put my stuff.

Ha ha ha Mat.. I gather you are feeling the same way as I am right now? Ha ha ha

Ruth said...

"Switching my brain off!", don't get me wrong, I'm usually collasped in a heap after training, it gets my all, but it also seems to bring with it a bad case of insomnia. New techniques to remember, tweaks to make to old techniques, better ways to explain stuff, what worked, what didn't ... hours of thinking when I really should be sleeping!


supergroup7 said...

Oh Yes.. I understand now. Yes.. I always have new things to consider each time that class is over.

However, when I find myself going into insomnia, I just start doing the same kata over and over in my mind, and within 3 or 4 repetitions I usually fall asleep. I prefer it to counting sheep.