Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer training 2009

Well.. that was my training for Sunday.

There was a tug of war between teams.. I'm in the front of the team on the left. We won. I couldn't believe how heavy that rope was just by itself, and then when we had to pull.. oh boy!

My son provided me with the service of shaving my face with a popsicle stick.

Then I sparred a variety of sized children on that inflatable joust game. The sticks themselves weighed 25 pounds, and one stood on a very unstable surface trying to swing them around. Each succeeding challenger made those sticks feel like they gained in weight incrementally. My son told me that the children were disappointed when I came down to have a drink of water. They all wanted to spar me again. One of the children had asked my son "Why is she so good at this?" Ha ha ha

I decided to go back up there, and face the kids again.

I think that I "fought" a good amount of time. I know that it came to the point where I had troubles bringing the stick around to deflect incoming hits.

It was quite an enjoyable picnic. It took me a day or two for my muscles to recuperate.. ha ha ha

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Karate Z├╝rich said...

Looks like a lot of fun :)