Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Managing to train during the Holidays.. but minimally

Well.. What a test of inner resolve these past days have been!

I have managed to do some training in amongst the various Holiday happenings. I've had to be satisfied with little moments of training snatched between other things.

50 Back kicks, then time spent with my youngest son helping him with his new toy.

50 Front kicks, then time spent with my oldest son talking about relationships.

Tsuki ( Punching) sequence, then time spent doing the dishes.

Kata has been near impossible to perform due to the limited space caused by more people, and more activity in the house.

Even those short workouts have had various interruptions as the phone would ring, or someone would want to walk past me to get to the next room.

I have to admit that the only type of training that I've been able to do consistently has been my shin/arm/hand conditioning.

I've allowed myself to eat various treats during the holidays, so I hope that I haven't gained too much weight.


MilkManX said...


I am in much of the same boat!

I hope to remedy this now that the Holidays are almost over.


Mathieu said...

Holidays are holidays.

karate is karate.

:) one does not fit well with the other.

be well