Monday, December 21, 2009

Wonderful Sikaran Weekend Testing/Party

My Instructor friend, Guru Paul, invited me to join his Sikaran School for their Belt rank test this weekend.

What a wonderful, joyfilled, and positive experience!

Truly, I was allowed the honor, and benefit of watching experienced, talented, and skillful Sikaran Martial Artists as they demonstrated their patterns, and revealed the speed, and beauty of their Art. What ENERGY, and ability was displayed before me!

"Sikaran is a form of Filipino martial arts whose history dates back to the early 1500s before the Spaniards came. It is the art of foot-fighting where the farmers use their legs to drive the partners outside the designated line (pitak) which was drawn in rice fields about 25 square feet (2.3 m2).....

Sikaran utilizes only the feet as a rule for sport and for combat/self-defense, and this is what makes it distinct, the hands are never availed of in Sikaran. If they are utilized at all, it's only for defense. The player uses his legs 90% of the time and his hands 10%, and only for blocking or parrying blows. Violation of this injunction, especially in tournaments, is ground for disqualification."
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If you have a chance to catch a Sikaran tournament, I would highly recommend attending it! You will be able to appreciate how versatile, and creative a Martial Artist can be at using their kicks. The only way that I could even come close to describing this Art would be to picture the skill of Tae Kwon Do mixed with the fluidity of Capoeira. I saw it as a whirlwind of kicks; like two Tornadoes fighting for the same spot in a field.

Thank you to Guru Paul for inviting me. I truly enjoyed every moment, including the refreshments, and gift.

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