Saturday, December 31, 2011

My New Year's Goal 2012

Last year in 2011 my goal was:

Picture of Me at the tournament

"This year my goal is more personal, and direct. I have had a very strong desire for years now to go compete in a Kyokushin Tournament as a Kata competitor. This will be realized in 2011 in March. I have been training for this moment with much diligence, perseverance, and hope, and I look forwards to the event. All of my mental, and physical efforts, Kihon, Kata, and Kumite are directed towards improving my performance... and preparing for my upcoming Kyokushin Black Belt test."

I achieved the goal to compete at a Kyokushin Tournament in Kata performing Tsuki No Kata... (Picture of said moment above) It was a wonderful experience, and I feel happy that I achieved this after so many years of personal effort, and training. The moments of practicing my kata in the Mall on the tile flooring before it opens from 5:30 am to 6:30 am while the Mall walkers did their laps around me are etched in my memory, and in the soles of my feet.

I also have succeeded in achieving the rank of Shodan as mentioned previously in this blog:

I feel complete, and satisfied. I feel GOOD!

My Goals for 2012:

Onwards, and upwards.. never stop heating the water..

a) I want to focus on improving my Saiha Kata, and Seienchin Kata. One feels the up/down movement of the Saiha Kata very similar to the big waves of the sea, and I want to understand better the inner meaning behind this action.

Seienchin challenges me to find my leg's power under me, and to keep it regardless to the direction that I go... I KNOW that I will unlock great advances in learning how to switch my weight efficiently, and quickly if I could work towards improving this Kata.

b) To help cope with the increasing sensations of stiffness, and pain in my knees/elbows/ankles/wrists I have started taking Ginger supplements in my diet. ( Both capsules, and ginger tea made from raw sliced ginger in boiled water.) It is my goal to find other ways to support my body so that I can continue to train into my golden years. I'm hoping that by next New Year's I will see an improvement due to the aide of the Ginger.

c) Review: I would like to work towards rewriting my notes, and creating a more complete library of the information that I need to know, want to know, and even added on extras of Martial Arts information that just interests me. I'm sure that this will become an ongoing project.. but it's got to start somewhere.. so I chose here and now.

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