Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Changing it up...

I didn't realize how important it is to change my exercise routine.  It appears that your body gets used to exercise, and after some time will stop improving, and strengthening if you do the same thing over and over.

I LOVE Karate, and I enjoy training in Karate everyday. In fact, doing patterns is one of the ways that I de-stress, and relax my mind.  For me it is a form of intense moving meditation.  It feels right when I finish my kata, and I'm breathing strongly, and sweating from the effort.

However, I found that adding a different kind of work out, like the ones that I've been doing this month in Insanity Max 30, has helped me to get stronger, and faster and it is showing up in my Karate training.  My kicks feel like they have more speed, and control, and I struggle less to do footwork.

You can change up your Martial Arts training by adding speed, or weights, or switching the kata stances. For example, if the kata starts off in a front stance with a downblock, and goes into a backstance.. switch the stances around.. do a downblock with a backstance, etc.  Suddenly, you will have some interesting combinations. I know that I had to think for a good while to figure out how to do a Kata move with full intensity, and land in a totally different stance after turning 180 degrees.  But why not? If you have done the same basic kata for 10 years, it's about time that you play with it a little, and challenge your brain.  You don't have to remember how to execute these kata because you won't need them for tournament, or testing. The main goal is to confuse your body, and mind, and to force it to learn how to control your balance, and still achieve the same strong results. 

Basics are basics, and why shouldn't we mix and match our stances, and strikes. Who knows what will be needed if we were ever in a self defense position? You might end up pushed up against the wall, and have only enough room to send a backfist in an awkward angle. It might be nice to know that your body is capable of adapting, and reacting.

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