Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why I want to help others become healthy, and happy

I wanted to explain why helping others achieve good health, and fitness is important to me.  My childhood was spent laying in bed coughing day and night with severe bronchitis. I missed 80% of school, and had difficult eating because of the constant coughing. I spent my childhood underweight, and sickly with delayed physical skills.  In my adult life, I bounced in the other direction overeating on junk food until I was near 200 lbs. In my late 30's I started to add exercise, proper food, and positive attitude in my life.  Depression was a daily thing for me until just last year when I started working on myself, and healing.  I believe that anyone can be the victor over the things in their lives that hold them down. I am now a Black Belt in two Karate styles, and a Beachbody Coach.  Feel free to message me, facebook friend me, or email me at

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