Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

All the festivities over, the easter eggs hidden, and found, all the clean up done, the big meal made, eaten, everything settled.. and I find myself wishing that I could go somewhere peaceful to train in karate as a gift to me.

I'm sitting here thinking of ways to create a space where I can train for a short while without interruptions, but that is not a possibility in my household.. far too many distractions, and needs that just erupt as soon as you actually try to concentrate. Like right now for instance.. I sit down to type a few words on my blog... and wouldn't you know it.. one of my kids has to have my attention for the important revelation that they would like to have some juice.

I can hear my teenager's music thump, thump, thumping from upstairs.. there is no section of the house, or yard that doesn't have one of my kids, or one of their friends present.

Later tonight, after I have put all the younger ones to bed, I will dedicate that time for push ups, sit ups, stretching, weight lifting, and arm/shin conditioning. I'll just have to wait until tomorrow to do kata, and practice my basics.

Having chosen to have seven children has it's joys, demands, sacrifices, and expectations. Since I went down this pathway 21 years ago, I have accepted all of the positives, and negatives of having a large family. I haven't regretted my choice. However, moments like today where I long to be able to train in karate in peace, I feel the crowdedness of the house. I keep reminding myself that it will not be very long before I will feel the empty nest syndrome.

Oh dear.. there it is again.. I just heard a loud crash, with a bunch of scattering things.. "Nothing broke!" yells my daughter.. I'd better go check what is happening.


FrogMan said...

Hey there,

I'm quite new to this blogging thing, even reading other people's blogs is new to me. Started seeing your username in many of the martial arts related blogs around and finally came to read some bits of yours. My first thoughts were that you have some very interesting thoughts and comments, things that could provide me food for thoughts, then I read this one about Easter and it hit me. You are doing all this with 7 children. Wow, just wow. I got only two and balancing training and family life isn't alwasy easy. I can not think how it'd be with 7 of them. You are a good women, an inspiration to many people I'm sure.

Keep going the way you are.


supergroup7 said...

Thank you so much for the compliment!

Yes, it isn't easy to balance family, training, and life demands.. no matter how many kids you have.

I'll come visit your blog.. thanks for coming to check mine out.