Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I haven't had much time to type

End of the school year issues, spring break vacation, sick members of my family, extra training in karate have taken up my every spare minute. Computer time? It had to wait in line for any attention.. and most days I barely had time to check my email.

I've been learning about judging for tournaments. The various expectations, terminologies, qualifying, and non qualifying things. So many points to cover, so many aspects to be aware of.. What a responsibility!

I have rarely thought twice about those judges who precide over the tournament ring, and of all the things necessary for their presence. What a job!

As I contemplate the position of having to judge with equanimity, I can see how difficult it is to be a good judge. I can more fully appreciate the gift of service that those faithful black belts who carry the flags have given to the future generation of karate ka. I am quite appreciative, and filled with gratitude.

I guess that it is the same thing as when I became a Mom. I never appreciated all the hard work, dedication, and knowledge needed to provide a child with a good home until I was given the responsibility myself.

A great big thank you to all those who have provided the avenue of tournaments to those karate ka who value the chance of performing in that environment.

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John Vesia said...

Yes, judging at tournaments is a formidable task; alot of responsibility, especially for kumite. In the AAU, judges are heavily scrutinized by a special presiding committee -- if they're found to be incompetent, they're removed from judging.