Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sudden new interest

I've become curious about the history of women in the martial arts. So now I have started travelling down that path.

Using the internet as a source of information is a tricky place to be. People can place anything they want down on a website (with or without any supporting facts.) The information can be skewed to show whatever personal bias that person has within themselves. However, the same thing can be said of books found in the library. What makes the information in a book more believable? Is it the fact that it is in permanent print?

Ah... I choose to walk down the path of history and see how recently women have studied martial arts with the support of men, how women are being treated in current times (as warriors), and perhaps forecast what a woman could expect in the future. You are more than welcome to join me in my anthropological journey... but I am sure that it will not be a short one.


[Mat] said...

indeed it will not be...

martial arts are very..."macho". Don't know how to put it otherwise (french and all)

Still today, women have to make their way in the arts. Because men tend to be judgemental about that.

If you ask me, that's so stupid. Talent knows no gender. To have to prove it is something stupid.

To have the idea that women are not good enough strong enough, whatever enough, is stupid.

Go down that path, I'll be reading as you go there. And I'll support once in a while if you need it :)

John Vesia said...

Wing Chun (the first style studied by Bruce Lee) was founded by Ng Mu, a Chinese nun. Also, wives of samurai and Buddhist monks were trained in the naginata (a bo with a curved blade attached).

supergroup7 said...

Thanks mat, for walking with me..

I'll be posting information on women martial artists in history, but I want to be sure that it's based on fact. That will take some time.. and as you are aware.. I'm a little limited on time right now.

Patience is golden, no?

supergroup7 said...

"Also, wives of samurai and Buddhist monks were trained in the naginata"

Thank you John.. I followed that clue to alot of websites that talk about the training of women in the naginata.. fascinating.

I'll be sure to post links, and information here.