Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Balancing the demand on my arms.

Mr. X. gave me this comment on my last addition to my blog.

"You should at least a day of break in between each push-up sessions. At the rate you are going, you're not giving your muscles enough time to repair themselves. "

I've been thinking about that:

Each day I have been doing 50 push ups ( interspaced in time) I've also done a half hour of upper body weight training with 3 lb weights. In addition to this I've been doing Bo staff practice 3 times a week for a good half hour with a 6 foot hardwood Bo staff. Oh.. then there are the inversions that I have been doing.. that takes alot of shoulder, and tricep effort. AND then... 3 times a week I do about 2 hours of consequetive folding, and placing clothes on a shelf as a volunteer at the nearby family center. My arms get exhausted from that too.

Add the fact that I train for an average of 11 hours of instruction in karate during the week at the dojo.

Yes, Mr. X., I can see how my muscles do not get time to repair themselves.

So... I've decided to try to schedule the demand on my arms out more evenly. I won't add all of the leg work stuff, kata stuff, conditioning exercises, self defense stuff yet. I'll keep this list focused mostly on the needs of my arms.:

-2 hrs folding clothes
-2 hrs karate instruction
-50 + push ups
- Kihon geiko practice half hour ( basic techniques)

-3 hrs karate instruction
-Inversions/ Break fall practice
- *Focus on the legs here*

-2 hrs folding clothes
-3 hrs karate instruction
-Inversions/ break fall practice

-Bo staff practice half hour
-Upper body weight training

-2 hrs folding clothes
-4 hrs karate instruction
- *Focus on the legs here*

-2 hrs karate instruction
-50 push ups extra

-Bo staff practice half hour
-Upper body weight training

I'll see how this works for me.


[Mat] said...

I won't say it, cause you already know it....


Wish you were closer, I'd go train with you and the kids.

hey, at least we write!


lizzie said...

I wish I had 11 hours of karate instruction. Right now, it's been zero for the past month. I've been so busy with calc and chemistry that it's hard find time to look for another dojo.

supergroup7 said...

Crazy? ha ha ha

To think that when I created that list I actually sighed with regret because I wanted to do more.. not less. I consoled myself with the fact that I can always change the demand to meet the way my body is handling the work load, and the amount of time that I have available.

Most of my "at home" practice happens when I'm cooking meals, or after the kids have gone to bed. Like today for example, my upper body weight training will occur from 9 pm onwards. I watch t.v. ( or "listen" to it mostly) as I lift the weights. I will pull my weight bench right into the middle of the living room to do this.. which used to drive my teenagers nuts, but they have become accustomed to it.

supergroup7 said...

Yes Lizzie... it is really tough to balance University / College courses with any type of martial arts training. I'd encourage you to see if there is anything like an "open" gym available to you, or perhaps a community center near your home where you could go, and do a little bit of jogging, exercises, conditioning, or even kata to keep your body healthy. The exercise will even help you with your schoolwork: It will flood your brain with oxygen, and energy so that you can concentrate better, and the increased blood circulation will remove any stress, and waste build up to clear your thoughts. One is never too busy to do a couple of sit ups, or jumping jacks now and then.

I'm hoping that you find a dojo home soon. Your buddy, Mireille

Anonymous said...

What can I say?

I'm not worthy!!!

I have to agree with Mat here. This training scedule is crazy!

You must come down here and show us kids how it's done!


supergroup7 said...

Oh Mr. X. Really.. I don't think that this schedule such a big deal.

My 13 year old daughter plays flute, and she has to dedicate a good half hour of practice per day.

My son does artwork. He'll spend 2 to 3 hours sketching, and drawing in almost every spare minute that he has.

My other daughter is a Grade 7 pianist. A day doesn't go by that she doesn't dedicate 2 to 3 hours to piano practice.

My other son thinks nothing to dedicating a good 3 hours to playing a video game.

What is so amazing about this? Not much really. It's just part of doing something that you love to do.

I love karate, therefore I practice it, and train in it, and use every spare second that I can find thinking about it. I have found an activity/ lifestyle that has become a part of me. It is an expression of my inner self, and brings me much joy. Also, it has so many health benefits. I am a happy karate ka.

Honestly.. this schedule is just a ladder of hopeful expectations, and a guide.. I will not be meeting the demands of it consistently. Take today for example. Karate class has been cancelled due to Halloween. I will not have a free evening to do much at home practice because I will be escorting my children door to door for trick or treat. So.. I will snatch whatever I can do in the time that is allowed to me, and I will hope to find a chance to train more in the future.