Thursday, October 12, 2006

My blog taught me some things about me..

I was reading some of my past postings on this blog, and I learned a couple of things about myself:

a) My skin condition seems to have a pattern as to when it flares up into pain. It usually happens during the first strong snow fall of the season. This is probably when the air is most dry. There just was a snowfall for two days now, and my skin was painfully telling me about this change in the weather. AHA!

b) I have developed in my understanding of, and expectations in my martial arts. I am able to look at things differently, and even see the bigger picture since last year. I can see my limitations as challenges, and my strengths as opportunities.

c) My gratitude towards those Sensei who have guided me on my path has not diminished. It is wonderful to think that I have had the chance to meet, interact, and learn from these kind people. I can foresee many more opportunities to meet, and explore the depths of my art in the future.

d) I can greatly appreciate those fellow karate students who come to class with a healthy, encouraging, and energetic attitude. They make the training environment such a pleasant place to be. I really admire their dedication, and effort. I hope that I am giving them the same impression.

e) I have learned to appreciate my Kyokushin training for the unique, all encompassing, and experiencial art that it is, and to appreciate my Shotokan training for the strength contained within it. My energies at this point of my path have been balanced more towards Kyokushin because I'm still climbing the ladder in that art. My Shotokan training has calmed down to focusing on my basics, and truly centering my basic kata into my spirit.


[Mat] said...


Good for you. That starts a day well.

John said...

I like d. Having a positive, energetic spirit among students is contagious. Camaraderie goes a long way in the dojo.

Isn't Kyokushin based on full contact sparring? I hear it's a rough style for that reason. Have you ever done any research on Mas Oyama? His exploits in life were legendary.

supergroup7 said...

Yes John.. Kyokushin is full contact.

Rough? Well.. you become used to feeling impact. Also, you condition your body to be able to absorb the shock. It's a build up of experience. I've learned to appreciate the art, and precision that is needed to land a strike with confidence, and speed on a moving target that is doing everything they can to avoid that strike.

I've read up many things about Sosai Mas Oyama, some of the things are exemplary, and some of them are not so impressive. What I can say with a sense of pride is that he made the best effort that he could to share his knowledge, experience, and gathered wisdom from his life struggles with his students. He has inspired many people to reach for the truth contained within themselves.