Sunday, October 29, 2006

Not a good idea at all

Scheduling my upper body weight training the day before my biggest Kyokushin class was not a good idea at all!

When it came time to do my usual push ups.. my arms were noodles. No ability to lift anything! I laid there like a wet blanket.... well .. more like a struggling wet blanket. I had no energy in my arm muscles at all. In fact, at one point I attempted to do a head block to a quite strong opponent. No way.. I had no power in my arms, and I had to dodge my head to the side. It's Sunday already, and I'm supposed to be doing more weight lifting. No way.. my arms are still recuperating from Friday. I've got to revise my schedule.. oh yes!

I also have to reposition my Bo staff training. Right now I have it scheduled at moments when all the kids are home.. not good. My kids sit there staring at me as I work through my routine. I'm having issues with the tight quarters of training indoors ( due to the cold weather), and once in awhile my staff will thunk against a wall or door frame, and the group of children will erupt in giggles of delight. They are just waiting for that to happen. It really makes it difficult to focus on your technique. Training on Bo Staff while the kids are in bed isn't a good idea either. I could still hear them giggling at the "thunk" sounds when my staff would slightly tap a chair, or the floor. It keeps them awake. I tried switching to a shorter Jo staff for practice work, and that seems to make it a little easier to move around the room, but it doesn't spin the same way.. nor does it have the same weight. I tried training outside in my jacket... but the Bo staff work doesn't mix well with a thick winter coat.

Saturday my body was sore "all-where": feet, heels, legs, hips, stomach, arms.. you name it, I could barely move. Yet, I still had to go buy groceries, and carry the bags into the house with my husband. That doesn't sound like much exercise, but when you have to supply food for close to 10 people.. that is alot of weight to carry into the house. We spend close to $200 on groceries per week. That amounts to 10 pounds of apples, 5 pounds of oranges, 5 pounds of bananas, 15 pounds of ground beef, 8 quarts of milk.. etc. etc.

Oh.. and I forgot to add the Vital points hand strikes sequence that I need to practice into my list. I've got to add the Kihon Geiko technique practice more than once a week. Aargh. I need to practice my Bo staff twice a week, not once. How do I remedy this????

Hmm.. I've revised my schedule.. but I'm still not satisfied...

-2 hrs folding clothes
-2 hrs karate instruction
-50 + push ups
- Kihon geiko practice half hour ( basic techniques)

-3 hrs karate instruction
-Inversions/ Break fall practice
- *Focus on the legs here*

-2 hrs folding clothes
-3 hrs karate instruction
-Inversions/ break fall practice

-Vital point hand strikes sequences
-Kihon geiko practice half hour ( basic techniques)

-2 hrs folding clothes
-4 hrs karate instruction
- *Focus on the legs here*

-2 hrs karate instruction
-50 push ups extra

-Bo staff practice half hour
-Upper body weight training

Maybe this will work out better for me.. fingers crossed.


lizzie said...

Do you have 7 kids? How young is your youngest kid and how old is the oldest kid?

lizzie said...
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supergroup7 said...

Yes Lizzie, I have 7 children. My youngest is 7 years old, and my oldest is turning 20 years old. They all live at home at this moment.

lizzie said...


Anonymous said...

Seven kids!!!

No wonder you have so much energy!

We have a hard time keeping up with one kid and our jobs.

Must be something in the milk in your part of Canada... ;-)


CV said...

If the children are giggling, why not let them practise themselves?

[Mat] said...


that's pretty busy.

I can imagine the laughs these thumps provide. kids will be kids :)

Must be the milk indeed!
Be well,

supergroup7 said...

Choosing to have a large family was something that both my husband and I were willing to sacrifice to achieve, Mr. X. This means that I have given up my career as a recreational therapist to stay at home and keep up our household. I do keep myself involved by volunteering 6 hours a week at a local outreach center. My husband has to work 2 jobs to be able to support our household. Yet.. in spite of all the demands, we are happy.

Just to add a little more to this story, last May, one of our daughter's best friends showed up on our doorstep on her 18th birthday. She has been a very close friend to our daughter since grade school. Now that she was a legal adult, she requested for the priviledge to leave her dysfunctional family, and to come live with us until she could get her feet under her. So.. she became my 8th child. It has been a blessing to see her blossom, and achieve under the loving supportive atmosphere that our family has embraced her with. This christmas will be the first one for her as one of our own.. and we want to make it special for her.

My user name will remain supergroup7 because that is how everyone identifies me.. but the reality is that I am now supergroup8.. :-)

supergroup7 said...

Ha ha ha Chadie... I do not blame the kids for giggling, and chuckling at the sudden thumps of the Bo staff on the door frame, or wall. It does sound funny.. even I have to giggle a little.. but it is distracting to achieving proper form.

I was thinking.. maybe if I just carried 2 pound weights in my hands and did the movements of my Bo Staff kata.. perhaps that would work? Sure, I will not have the feeling of shifting my hands on the staff, but I can keep up my conditioning.

supergroup7 said...

Well Mat, I'm sure that the milk quality is far better up here in Canada than anywhere else in the world, but the problem to that hypothesis is that I don't drink much milk. I get my calcium from vegtables as much as possible. I do eat cheese, or sour cream once in awhile.

My KIDS drink milk like water. We usually go through 4 litres ( about a gallon) of milk every 2 days.