Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Here we go to Taekwondo

My daughter comes home with a newsletter from her school stating that Taekwondo classes start this week, and that people interested can come visit, and train for free for that class. Her eyes filled with hope, and that "PLEASE" look, as she asked me if I would take her to this introductory session. "All of my friends are going to this.. I want to go be with them."

Now.. I wasn't against her doing another art as long as she commited herself to this. I was all for her learning more about another Martial art, and seeing the differences. She had achieved 8th kyu in Shotokan, and 8th kyu in Kyokushin. Why not look into Taekwondo? The only concern that I had was finances. Can we afford Martial arts classes again? Ever since I had stopped paying for Shotokan training, our family budget had started having room to breath again. I wasn't eager to start paying for membership fees, testing fees, class fees, tournaments, seminars, etc. etc. again.

With a breath of resignation, I gathered up my Gi, and a white belt, and accompanied my girl to this Taekwondo class to support her interest in another art. It was true that all of my daughter's friends were there, as soon as we entered the gym, she was surrounded by at least 6 other kids her age who were cheering the fact that she had been allowed to come. I saw my girl just glow with joy at being in this environment.. her own school, with her friends.. to do Martial arts.

The Instructor was a very kind, and knowledgeable gentleman who offered a well structured class that appealed to the student. It gave enough challenge, but at the same time allowed the practioner to regroup inbetween sets of exercises.
It was in a similar vein to every other Martial arts class that I've taken, warm up, basics, conditioning exercises, patterns. I had approached the Instructor before class started to mention that I'd like to partake in the class to support my daughter's interest. I didn't wish to sit at the back of the gym and watch when I could be up and training. I warned him that I was already training in a different Martial art, and that I was not seeking to advance in TaeKwondo. He gave me a warm welcome, and invited me to work out with his club doing my own Art on the side.

Well.. after the class, the payments were explained, and I was pleasantly surprised by the affordability of these lessons. This Instructor was obviously doing a type of outreach club for those children who could not afford to learn Martial arts in a commercial dojang. He had made it possible for my family to consider budgeting in Taekwondo lessons for our daughter. Since I was walking my daughter to, and from her lessons on Monday, the Instructor encouraged me to continue "working out" with his club instead of sitting on the bench and watching the class, and to do my Kyokushin kata when they focus on patterns, and sparring. What a SWEETHEART of an Instructor!!


Steve said...

at some point you know you're gonna end up on the mat grappling. Come on. If not bjj, it'll be judo. ;-)

Good luck to you both.

Colin Wee said...

"Same s***, different day."

The more I stay on the path, the more I realize how similar my path is to everyone else's! :-)

The important thing? Is that he's a nice guy.


[Mat] said...



An hour of taekwondo a week. Not bad!

Hey, say hi to Chon-Ji and won-hyo for me. I miss those forms a bit. Especially won-hyo.

You'll recognize them immediately.
You'll also understand what I meant by taekwondo is a lot like shotokan. With more kicks.


TaeKwonDo is so much fun! I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

What style is it? itf?wtf? other?

Be well, Sensei!

supergroup7 said...

You never know Steve, it might just be BJJ. The Instructor of this Taekwondo club is both a Sandan in Taekwondo, and a Nidan (I believe) in BJJ. He explained that he does include some aspects of BJJ in his classes from time to time.

supergroup7 said...

I agree Colin, about the important thing being that the Instructor is a nice guy. In fact, that is the main reason that I accompanied my daughter to the class. I truly wanted to get a feel for what kind of character the Instructor was. Although experience and knowledge is important in teaching, personal character development is just as, if not MORE important in my eyes.

supergroup7 said...

Mat, I specifically asked the Instructor to be excluded from learning the various Taekwondo patterns right now as I am training towards competing in a potential Kyokushin Tournament in Montreal next spring in the Senior division (40+) in kata. All of my training is now focused on improving my Kyokushin accent, power, and understanding. Since I'm participating in the beginner's classes,I forecast that most of what we will be doing is building up strength, endurance, and skill through various exercises, and basics.

But I'll keep my eyes open for Won-Hyo.

What style is it? Um.. The Instructor mentioned the name. Since the collection of letters didn't ring a bell to me, he then added that it was the Olympic style. Is that WTF??

Colin Wee said...

Yep. WTF is Olympic 'style' and will not do Chon-ji or Won-hyo. Colin

[Mat] said...

WTF. yep`


Competition in spring? Montreal Open?

That, I have to see. Hey, by then, I should be able to do a half decent kata so I *should* be there too.

But anyhow, won-hyo is oh-so-similar to heian nidan?

The two arts (shotokan-wtf) are very similar in what I remember. As Colin said :

same shi*, different day
another day, another dollar

When's your B-day?

be well!

supergroup7 said...

My birthday... *sly wink*... is a few weeks after yours.