Thursday, September 06, 2007

I should have listened to my kids...

"Mom?" my 12 year old daughter said to me with deep concern "It's pretty hot outside, maybe you shouldn't wear your raincoat to karate class."

"But.. I have to leave now to catch my bus, and what else can I wear over my Gi that will hide it?? I'll be fine.." I responded.

"No.. Mom.." echoed my 8 year old son "It's hot out.."

"I've gotta go!.. sorry.. I'll be o.k." I said.

DUH! I should have listened to my kids. I was HOT! SO HOT!!! I had the usual equipment on me for training: shin pads, protection, t shirt, Gi pants, and jacket, and belt on, and then over that I had this big bulky raincoat, and sweat pants over the Gi pants. I was carrying my backpack that felt as heavy as a 5 year old child.

I stood waiting by the bus feeling like I was in standing in a sauna. The raincoat had NO ventilation, and it was a dark navy blue color. People walked past me in shorts, and a t shirt giving me strange looks at how dressed up I was.

I stood there pretending that I was exactly where I wanted to be, and how I wanted to be. Oh Gosh, it felt good to strip away the raincoat, and sweat pants when I arrived at the dojo. I sat in the grass in the shade waiting for people to arrive, and cooled down as much as possible before class started.

That wasn't too keen of me, to put myself through so much heat exhaustion BEFORE class started. My gi was drenched in sweat already, and I hadn't thrown a single punch.

OH... I went to the gym with my husband on Monday. We paid the $10 visitors fee, and I had access to all of the various cool equipment. I tried out the special resistance training machines that use air to cause tension. COOL! Yet.. I kept looking longingly at the basketball court and thinking.. Wow.. such a nice open area for kata. Finally, I couldn't resist anymore. I left my husband working on the various cool expensive machines, and I took off my shoes. I entered the empty basketball court and joyfully proceeded to do kata after kata nonstop. I lost count of how many I did. It didn't matter.. I was having fun. A WHOLE basketball court size of empty smooth flooring space to do kata!! All to myself! No wasps. No neighbours calling encouragement. No people driving by and yelling obscenities. No sticks, rocks, grass, or bumps in the ground. No tables, chairs, or walls to interrupt movement. No children asking me if they can do this, or eat that. No one correcting me as I performed. No one calling out a count, but just me and my kata. I was in heaven! An hour and a half later, I noticed my husband leaving the exercise machines, and I went up to him smiling, all breathless, and with drops of sweat dripping off of each one of my hair strands. I couldn't believe that it was time to go already. Those exercise equipment were interesting. It was nice to see all of the technology at work. It took my heart rate, provided a nice wind, showed me how many calories that I had burned, how fast I was moving, what muscles were working.. but all of this just couldn't compete in my heart with a nice large private open floor space.


[Mat] said...

Have I mentionned it?

you blog took a deep turn. I like it. It's you.

Cheers sensei

Colin Wee said...

Did you shout "this raincoat SUX"?


supergroup7 said...

Thanks Mat.

Yes, my blog is slightly different, isn't it? :-)

I like it too..

supergroup7 said...

Ha ha ha ha Colin!!

I didn't have a moving car to stick my head out of.. Well.. I guess that I could have hung my head out of the bus's window and yelled "This raincoat sux!"

Ha ha ha.. Man! That would have gotten me a free ride to a Mental institution, but I would have been laughing all the way.

Sarah said...

I just started using the aerobics room of the nearby gym to practice my kata, and I can COMPLETELY understand your joy at this. To have a flat, stable surface to train on is priceless. Privacy, even more. I've always practiced on the beach when I'm not in the dojo - I lived, until this last month, on a boat - and so there aren't many places around that are flat and stable at a marina. But now I have the gym - mirrors on one wall, a punching bag, good floors, and doors to keep gawkers out.
My katas are coming along very nicely now that I'm not popping up every other minute, pretending "no, I wasn't practicing karate, not me!" if anyone walks by.
I'm with you there!

supergroup7 said...

Living on a boat! Wow.. there isn't much room to do training on a boat, but I have learned that the Savatte style of Martial arts was created from fighting on a boat on the ocean seas. Supposedly, the constant shifting of the deck causes interesting balancing challenges. One day, I'd like to experience that.

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I went to visit yours. Good luck on your future!!