Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Note to self, watch what you say in front of your kids.

Non Karate moment, but learned an important lesson about communication:

I caught my son talking to his friends about what cats eat.

"Cats eat other cats" says my son with confidence.

"No Way!" says one of the little girls "They eat cat food."

"Yeah.. and they eat other cats. My MOM says so!!" argues my son "She told me that if we brought a kitten into our home, our cat would eat it for breakfast."

My eyes widened, and I almost broke out into a fit of laughter right there. I meant it metaphorically! Ha ha ha.. So now my son believes that cats are feline cannibals. I must help him realize that cats normally eat mice, birds, cat food, not other cats... at least not usually.


Silverstar said...

That's so cute! Kids, eh?
Cats may not eat other cats, but I would definitely classify some of them as slight insectivores, since they just love munching on bugs. Yumm!:P

Sarah said...

That is sitcom-priceless. I didn't know those things ever hapened in real life - but there you are!
Wonderful - I bet that just made your day!
Have a good day!