Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Karate training came in quite helpful

Let me tell you a true story of what happened to my family, and how my karate training helped.

My younger set of children were bored, it was a beautiful day, so Mom gave them the permission to take a little half hour walk to the local Mall to shop together. My 15 year old son, and 13 year old daughter escorted their 3 siblings ( 10 years, 9 years, and 7 years) to go window shop for the afternoon.

My husband went to pick up our 17 year old daughter from work, and on their way back home, they saw a huge black funnel cloud of a tornado in the northern sky of our city. He came running into the house asking "Where are the kids? are they still shopping?"

"Yes, why?" I responded to his intensity every motherly instinct now on alert. He told me about the funnel cloud, and asked me if I had any idea as to whether the kids were already on their way back home, or where they would be in the Mall. I had no clue. My husband turned on his heels, and threw these words over his shoulder as he rushed out the door "I'm going to find them.."

Meanwhile, my young set of children were thinking of coming home, but they had noticed the dark clouds and lighting. My 13 year old daughter's instincts told her that there was something wrong with the weather, that it wasn't just a normal storm. She hesitated to tell the others that they should head for home. She trusted her inner hunch, and phoned home.

The cordless phone rang as my husband was rushing to the car. I lifted the phone to my ear, heard my daughter's voice, and reacted by saying "Hang on!" to her. (*This is where my karate training kicks in.*)

I was out of our back door, jumped our back steps in one smooth movement, ran out the backyard, and sprinted down the backlane. I could see my husband's car was quickly heading away to turn.. I put forth the strongest KIAI that I had within me! The car stopped on a dime. My husband talked to my daughter, found out exactly where the kids were in the mall and went to pick them up, and bring them to safety. He told me that my kiai RANG in the car even though his windows were all closed, and he said "Wow! That was LOUD!!!"

Here is the news report about the tornado:



Becky said...

That is too cool! I've been pleasantly surprised how my karate training has affected the different areas of my life. It's helped me deal with stressful situations of all types--from mammograms to planning and zoning commission meetings.

lizzie said...

Does your husband have a cell phone? I'm glad that you and your family was safe from the tornado. I saw a funnel cloud once. I just don't remember where.

I've been in an earthquake also. This was when I was living near Seattle in Federal Way. It was a little one so no one got hurt. I was eight years old at that time. I remember that my mom, sister, and I were eating Spagatti. My three or four year old brother was in the bathroom alone taking a bath. Then all of a sudden the earth, started to shake. My sister yelled at me to get under the table like we learned in school. I didn't want to because it was only a little one.

supergroup7 said...

Isn't it amazing, Becky, how we can take the skills that we have learned in the dojo, and suddenly find them useful in everyday life? How many times I have found myself leaning on the inner strength that I have developed during hard training to be able to cope with a stressful life situation!

supergroup7 said...

No Lizzie, we do not own a cell phone.

That must have been quite a frightening experience for you as a young child. I have not felt an earthquake, but I've been told that it's similar to the feeling that a flea would have on the back of a dog that is shaking water off of itself.

Ruth said...

Do these weather systems occur frequently where you live?

I love stories of how karate affects people in their every-day lives. Soooo much more than punching, kicking and blocking. Soooooo much more.

lizzie said...

I didn't get scared at all. But I bet my brother was.