Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mommy's little girl

I was hearing the usual amount of screaming, and loud noises coming from the living room that happens whenever my husband starts playfighting with the kids.

My husband comes into the kitchen with a purposeful step, and says to me excitedly "Do you know what she just did???"

My little 10 year old daughter was trailing him with her smile as wide as her face.

My husband explained to me that he and his daughter were play fighting for the remote control to the T.V. He had it in his left hand and was playing "keep away" from her. He grasped her left wrist with his right hand, and held on as tight as possible because she was doing everything she could to get the remote. To his surprise, she did a perfect hand release motion, flipped herself free of his strong grasp, and jumped at the remote catching him in that stunned motionlessness. She ran off giggling at her success.

"Where did you learn THAT?" he burst out in shock. She explained that she had seen me practicing my break holds quite frequently, and when her Daddy had her pinned, she remembered what she had seen me do, and decided to try and see if it would work.

So there were my husband with a look of pride, and joy in his eyes at what his little girl achieved, and my daughter beaming with self confidence. I didn't know that my home practice would create such an effect. Wow!


Ruth said...

My reaction to this was "wow, wow, wow.. WOW". I mean I can't think of anything I'd rather teach my daughter than self-defense (sadly)- and yours has just picked this up watching you. I think that's great.

Becky said...

Kudos to your daughter! Great job!

supergroup7 said...

Yes Ruth, and Becky... I'm really thrilled that my daughter was able to break the hold of an adult male's hand on her wrist in the struggle that she was having ( even though it was just playfighting at the time.) I'm thinking that this knowledge within her will give her the confidence to handle a more difficult moment should it happen. Let's all hope that children do not ever need to defend themselves against adults.

[Mat] said...

"Let's all hope that children do not ever need to defend themselves against adults."

amen. I so wish this could be true. so dark can be human nature. And so bright too.

Your daughter is catching on! cool. My little niece (3years old) already knows what an atemi is. Her parents hate me for it. I'm always telling her:"remember to NEVER use it, unless you feel your life is threatened" She always replies : "But Mat, what does threatened mean?"
Then I say : "until you know, you cannot hit anyone with an atemi"

hehe. I love kids.

supergroup7 said...

Atemi? Mat does this technique have another name? I haven't heard the term Atemi before... I probably do this technique, but have a different name for it.

[Mat] said...

Atemi means strike. So any type of strike is an atemi.

But I've shown her the knife hand. Shuto.

I call it atemi because she does it wrong. As there is no name for what she does, I say atemi. Up to now, I've been the only one knowing that little joke. I hope that in 10 years or 15 years, she gets it. :)

If she does it right, I'll say Shuto! but until then, It'll be atemi. When she'll ask what it is, I'll tell her.

Plus, there is the fact that it's japanese so... she's doing like big uncle is doing.

I love that kid. She's too young to get the difference between shuto and atemi. I've told her once, but she only looked at me with puzzled eyes. Shuuu - ttoooooooo? (more like chuteau??-french like) I explained that it was a knife hand strike and suddenly went to get a knife... not a good idea. Atemi for now. :)LOLOL

I already imagined peanut butter, jam and whatever splattered everywhere on the walls. :)


supergroup7 said...

Ah, yes Mat, there are many terms for "strike" aren't there? I know of these ones "Tsuki", "Uchi", and "Ate"... so Atemi must be related to the last term.

3 year old, and she's already being introduced to the knife hand strike.. wowsers! Well.. I guess that isn't any worse than my little son practicing his roundhouse kicks with mommy in the backyard when he was about that age.