Thursday, August 03, 2006

Working on HAND stands

I've been surfing the net for ideas as to what I can improve on my efforts to do a handstand.

I found this one site that describes the steps towards achieving a handstand:

(Sorry.. I don't know how to do the whole clickable word thing that I see all the other bloggers do so gracefully.)

From what I've read.. I'm missing the "hollow" position of gymnastics:
"To get a feel for turned under hips, practice the hollow position: "In a hollow a gymnasts hips are turned under, legs are tight chest rounded inward. Lie on your back on the floor with your arms by your ears. Lift your legs slightly off the ground. Lift your head slightly off the floor. Your lower back should maintain contact with the floor." "

I watched my friend successfully doing a handstand, and it looked like his back was curving. I asked him if it "felt" like his back was curved, and he answered "yes". Is this the "hollow" feeling that the gymnast is experiencing?

Handstands really require strong wrists.. sigh.. one of my "issues".. I have a pre-damaged right wrist. I've felt the pressure happening on my wrists when I go up in the handstand. It always feels like my wrists are going to give in, and I'm going to fall on my nose. I will need to learn how to fall properly so that I do not injure myself.

I'll keep researching, and figuring this out. Soon there will be a picture of me doing a handstand on this blog.. you wait and see.

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