Saturday, August 26, 2006

Shotokan seminars, and Kyokushin belt rank tests don't mix well

I just want to inform you all that attending a 3 day seminar with a Master at the same time as taking the physically grueling Kyokushin belt rank tests is a really bad combination for one's body.

This week I have attended a total of 18 hours of demanding training in only 5 days. Sure.. I enjoyed myself, but near the end of this week, my body was really not doing well.. threatening to faint more than once, and cramping in the legs all of Saturday.

Now I'm so tired that I barely can type properly. Yes.. I know.. shame on me.. double shame. OH but I had fun!!! I broke boards for my belt test with a variety of strikes while someone held the boards. It was kind of disappointing how quickly that moment came, and went. Yes.. I passed my test, and I am now a Yellow belt (6th kyu) in my Kyokushin art. Picture will be posted soon.

The seminar was really exciting as I was able to train with people that I haven't seen for a whole year. Children that were so short at one time towered over my head.. What ARE they feeding kids these days?

I always enjoy training under Yaguchi Sensei. It never fails that I will learn something important about my foundation, and how to move my body more smoothly, and efficiently. His instructions are so gentle, warm, and constant. His demonstrations astoundingly inspiring. All he did was show us a downblock, and you could FEEL the power of that move vibrate through the room. Although there are hundreds of us students in the room, somehow we all feel a connection with him as he walks through the dojo guiding us.

It was an AWESOME week of training! However, I am paying the piper as I type.. my legs humm with exhaustion, and my body is warning me to rest on Sunday or it's going to run away from me.. Ha ha ha.

So... *evil glint in my eyes* I'll take it easy...... I'll only do some shin/arm conditioning tomorrow, my inversions, some weight lifting, and maybe a little Bo staff training.. in addition to all of the housework that I need to do...... HA HA HA.... that's resting???? HA HA HA Well.. in my schedule.. . yep.. that's resting.


lizzie said...

Congrads Supergroup!!!! Now, you are the same kyu as me but in different styles. However, you've been doing Kyokushin a lot longer than I have in Goju-Ryu.

supergroup7 said...

High 5, Lizzie! Keep on the good training!

John Vesia said...

I like attending seminars, especially when they're given by qualified people. One seminar I attended actually had a group of master instructors presenting a variety of styles, so you could choose what area you wanted to explore.

Ruth said...


"I always enjoy training under Yaguchi Sensei...etc"

- It's interesting how a top-class sensei can bring out the best in his / her students. It's a bit like a top class conductor bringing out the best in an orchestra or choir; or a top class director bringing out the best in an actor.. don't you think?

supergroup7 said...

That sounds like a really interesting session, John. What area did you choose to explore?

supergroup7 said...

I agree Ruth, you really can appreciate the gift of being able to train under someone like Yaguchi Sensei when you are there.

He knows when to challenge you, and when you need support.

I'm always grateful for the fact that he is willing to go through all the hassles, and demands of flying in a plane for so many hours to come up to our little city way up in the north.

John Vesia said...

One was escrima - Philippino stick fighting. Another was daito ryu jiu jitsu. Mind you, some of these were just introductory classes, provided to familiarize students with different styles.

supergroup7 said...

John, Did you feel like a white belt again when you took these introductory classes, or did you feel confident in your other skills, and experience, to be able to adapt to the new demands?

John Vesia said...

You better believe I felt like a white belt! And it wasn't just me. What's interesting is that most of the karate people (there were mostly black belts attending) who did check out the other styles didn't mind appearing awkward or confused taking these classes.