Thursday, October 27, 2005

Just a month away... tick, tick....

Just a month away.. oh yes, the time is ticking. You can almost cut the pressure in the dojo from the anticipation of the upcoming test. Like most human beings, I swing around in various moods. There are moments when I feel confidence, and security in my skills, and then there are moments when I feel like a little girl trying to live up to the expectations of the big kids. I usually end up reminding myself that 3 years ago I wouldn't have considered karate at all.. and now look at me facing a Dan test. COOL!!!!!!!!!!! Yes.. there is also the thrill seeking teenager in me that is looking forwards to the challenge. All rolled into one person who faces changing her belt color to black. Shucks.. no more color changes after passing Shodan.. it was rather enjoyable to show up to the dojo in a new color, and have the rest of the students comment on how nice your new stiff obi looked on you. I've got 3 black belts sitting on the shelf waiting to be placed around my waist.. Wow! 2 of them were given to me by my wonderful Internet Sensei friend Paul. The other one handed to me by my first Sensei, Sensei Walter. Which one will be the first one to go around my waist? They all are important to me. I might have to rely on the "Eenie, Meenie, Minee, Mo" method. Look at me.. already planning which dress to wear before the party starts. After my belt test, I'll be released from all the pre-test stress, and I'll just have to face the music of the happening. Hmmm.. I do expect that I will be hearing alot of positive music then... regardless of the outcome, because I'm going to be doing my best that day.. and there just isn't any more than that to give. I've been training extra these past 5 months for the test, and I've seen alot of improvement in my skills. Since I'll be doing my best.. I can't help but be proud of myself.

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