Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The potential black belt

I just realized that standing in front of a panel of black belts and testing for Shodan is NOT the hardest step of my karate life. No.. the most difficult time was when I first decided to start training in karate. THAT was the greatest hurdle because I was starting from nothing, and jumping into the unknown. When I stand in front of the Master, I will be revealing that which is already in me. So, I can only reveal that which I have gathered.. If I do not have the skills necessary to become a shodan, then it is not a shame to be told to go and get them. If I do have the skills, then it is not a problem to use them. Either way, all will be revealed, and the truth of who I am as a martial artist will surface. I have been told that a Black belt has a certain mind set, and that you can spot one even from the white belt stage. I remember Sensei Walter asking me to lead the class in warm up, when I was as low as the orange belt level (8th kyu) Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him with one of those happy "I know something you don't know" looks in my direction. He just keep looking at me with that.. I was filled with puzzlement at the time.. but now I wonder if he saw the potential black belt in me. Out of all of the former students of my first karate club, my husband and I are the only ones still training.


lizzie said...

How long have you and your husband have been training? I know a Sensei who have stayed with my Sensei Chinen for 35 years. There are more Sempai who have stayed and trained for 20 years.

supergroup7 said...

I've been training in karate for 3 1/2 years, my husband has been training for 3 years.

Yes, there are those few who train in karate for the rest of their lives.. I aspire to be such a person.