Sunday, October 30, 2005

Kata.. the central motivation of my karate path

At this point of my walk, I ask myself "why do I study karate?" The only answer that I can find within me is that I enjoy training in karate. Kata was what entranced me in the first place, and powered me through the harshness of the lower belt levels. Even now, kata is a focal point to my training. I just ADORE doing kata. The physical expression of mathematical concepts. The way that time stands still and you become one with your kata. I put full effort in basics, and sparring, but the main reason is that I want to be able to understand, and perform my kata with more knowledge. I do not feel like the only karate ka with this attitude. I have read that many a modern master saw Sensei Gichin Funakoshi's students performing kata on the University grounds, and that this example is what motivated them to want to learn karate. In my opinion, there is room in the karate world for people like me who love kata more than anything.


Linda Johnson said...
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Ann said...

Best of luck for you!
I'm still 8 months away from my black belt exam (I train kung fu). I really like doing katas as well.

supergroup7 said...

Good luck to you too!

I do hope that you have wonderful experiences, and memories to carry with you from your belt test.

To my knowledge, Kung fu has quite a variety of kata to remember. Nice to meet another kata lover!

My best wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

It's Bill here

I've just started training in kung fu (in addition to getting ready for my own karate grading :P) and its almost all forms of one kind or another. its great. Ever since I started as a wee lad of 10, I've always enjoyed kata.

As I've gotten to where I am, my focus seems to have moved towards application, but I still like the entire concept. You're not the only one, that's for sure


Colin Wee said...

Other training exercises will lead you to perform kata with more of an understanding of how techniques in the kata work. But don't forget that it can go the other way too, that kata should teach you how to approach other activities and challenges. :-)


supergroup7 said...

I haven't figured out how to let my kata help my sparring yet, but I believe you, Colin. I'll remember your advice. Thanks!

supergroup7 said...

Hi Bill.. welcome to my blog. Application of kata moves is an endless fascination that can take more than one lifetime. I encourage you to continue on your path.

Colin Wee said...

How to get your kata to teach you to spar better? All you need to do is ask it the right questions! :-)

lizzie said...

How many kata do you know?

supergroup7 said...

Well... I am familiar with the movements of 16 Shotokan kata. The 5 Heian, the 3 Tekki, Bassai Dai, Kanku Dai, Gankaku, Empi, Jion, Hangetsu, Jutte, and Wankan. I am starting to understand the bunkai of Heain Shodan more clearly.

In Kyokushin I am familiar with the 3 Kihon, and the 3 Shiho Tsuki kata. I also have the following kata known in their Ura, and Tate versions in addition to the Omote version: the 3 Taikyoku, the 4 Sakugi Taikyoku, Pinan Sono Ichi.

I am becoming familiar with Pinan Sono Ni, San, Yon, and Go ( due to my knowledge of the Shotokan Heian kata). I am dabbling with Juji kata 45 degree, adn 90 degree, Sanshin kata, and Yangtsu kata.

Does that bring the total up to 22 kata ( disregarding the Ura, and Tate versions) ?