Thursday, October 20, 2005

The wonderful feeling of support from fellow students

I officially have to state that one of the most difficult things that I've had to face these past days is the constant reminders from various people that my Shodan test is less than 5 weeks away. Sure.. I'm anxiously awaiting the culmination of all of my efforts into that short moment of performing in front of the Master. I'm trying to keep my nervousness down by focusing on working on my training, and not to count the days until the BIG day. Oh it's nice to see that they care.. fellow students saying "Oh, your test is coming up soon.. you'll do fine.." Other students asking "What date is that test again?" These moments remind me of when I was pregnant, and I would receive phone calls from well-meaning people asking me about my due date.. and if I have had the child already. It just seemed that as soon as I finally let go of the stress that I felt about the upcoming event, someone would remind me that this event was coming up. Ah.. but isn't that just part of the whole scene? A build up of anticipation, nervousness, and pressure. I overheard some football players talking about how they feel awfully stressed during pre-game moments. I smile with the knowledge that there are so many people who care whether or not I will pass my Shodan test. It is obvious that I will not be alone on the dojo floor when I face that BIG day.


lizzie said...

This is why I like the random testing which takes place at my dojo. Even when we become Shodans, it's random. We don't have to preform in front of a panel. For me to become a Shodan, I don't have to go any where because my Sensei is the head of Jundokan International.

supergroup7 said...

There are different benefits to the different methods of testing. I can see how randomly testing in front of your own Sensei would be very demanding since he/she knows all of your abilities, and weaknesses. He/she can set up the test to make it even more challenging for you.

However, there is a certain aspect of mental control over anxiety, and fear that happens when you have to stand in front of a panel, and face a visiting Master. You have to force yourself to calm down, and just show what you know. In a way this is similar to the type of fear that one might feel if they were placed in a self defense situation.

lizzie said...

Sometimes, it's not even a test. I wasn't officially tested in Gasshuku. Sensei just said that I was promoted to green belt.

I got really nervous when I threw disk in front of people. When I went inside the ring, my mind would play games with me and wig out. Therefore, I wouldn't throw very far. When I was out in the field, I threw like a state champion. I had to battle my mind for five years.

I don't have that problem when doing karate. I thought I would get nervous performing in front of the dojo or at Gasshuku. I didn't though. I thought there would be a mental block when I had to break a board. However, there wasn't. I think it's because I trust my Sensei and Sempai.

supergroup7 said...

What a wonderful thing to be able to say about your Sensei, and your Sempai! That you trust them that much.

I think that you have found quite a great place to learn and train in karate. Keep cherishing it.

lizzie said...

My sister says I'm too trusting.

The other day, I wanted to do some Bunkai Oyo with one of my members of my family to show a friend of mine. However, nobody wanted to do it. I even asked my brother. He said that he doesn't trust me at all. That hurt. Maybe if I was a whitebelt, he shouldn't trust me. However, I'm a green belt for Pete's sake.

supergroup7 said...

It's not a good idea to make karate with non martial artists unless you are defending yourself.

Their bodies are not conditioned, or "used to" the demand that will be placed on it. They might get hurt just from their reaction to what you are doing. For example, if you place them in a joint lock, and they strongly, and quickly resist the pain by pulling in the opposite direction, they can hyperextend their arm or something.

We karate-ka are led into the knowledge, and skill by our training. We become familiar with the demands of each movement on our bodies.

The art of Karate should not be like a display with friends, and family members. There is a responsibility attached to learning techniques that can harm. The more that one respects the seriousness of karate the more they protect themselves from potential harmful situations.