Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Overtraining.. I didn't think that I would do that to myself.. but in my eagerness to excel, I've managed to push my body to the point where it started to weaken. It's funny that the very thing that strengthens you can end up weakening you if you do it too much. All of a sudden my body struggled to do what it was able to sail through just a few days ago. I decided to take 2 full days of rest for my body to recuperate. Rest? Well.. I guess one could call it resting. I still had all of the household duties to do. This household doesn't stop creating laundry, floors to mop, dishes to wash.. etc. But I rested from the extra weight-lifting, and karate training that I was doing at home. If you asked me I'd trade the housework for karate training anyday! So Today! Refreshed, renewed, and ready to start asking my body to rise up to the demands of extra training before my test. I've been using my dining room table to teach my leg muscles to keep the knee up during my roundhouse kicks. One of the kids caught me working out, and with the most dumbfounded look she asked timidly "Mom? Are you supposed to clean the table with your leg like that?" HA ha ha ha ha My poor kids are going to need some serious therapy when they grow up!

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