Saturday, October 22, 2005

Kids do the darndest things

Kids do the most interesting things... I have to say! Helping Sensei with the beginner kids class, this little 6 year old boy stands before me as my perspective opponent for kumite exercises. We are all looking at Sensei who is giving instructions as to what is expected: Jodan tsuki, Age Uke.. Then Sensei states "The person in front of you will be your partner through this class.." I turn to face my little opponent to find him standing there with a wide friendly grin on his face, and his right index finger up to the knuckle in his nose casually searching out any offending boogers... EEEEEeeeeewwwww!! Oh gosh.. that was going to be his punching hand! Shudder! YUCK! I've never had to handle this situation before now.. so I kindly asked him to put his finger out of his nose, and to bow respectfully in response to mine. Controlling my inner "Mom".. I had to bring out the Sempai instead, and focus on karate. My husband was having his own issues with his little kumite partner. When Sensei made his statement that this was going to be our opponent. My husband's partner started shaking his head back and forth negatively, his eyes wide open in terror at the size and breath of my husband's shoulders. Meanwhile, my little guy just couldn't get the whole idea of a front stance.. his little forwards foot would turn, and slide directly under my advancing foot. I felt something soft under the ball of my foot, and I stopped my forward momentum. It didn't help that his eyes roamed all around the room as I was heading forwards at him so that I had to move his limbs into the proper position to help him get something in the semblence of a block (IF you squinted sideways, and pretended really really hard.) "Wow!" I thought to myself.. "He's just not mentally with the whole thing.. I've had a variety of partners up until now.. but this little guy is a first." The behaviour of this little boy made me wonder if he was doing everything improperly on purpose as a form of passive resistance to learning the skills. I have to say that if this little guy does well in our dojo, I'll be the first person to tip my hat to him in respect... because he sure is starting his first days on the wrong left foot, or should I say on both feet.

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