Friday, February 23, 2007

Heian Shodan ( Pinan sono ichi) without moving

Oh I had FUN last night! I tried doing the Heian Shodan kata without moving my feet, but just rotating on spot. So I'd face left, go into front stance/ downblock, and then, just rotate my hips until I was facing "forwards?" which would be right to do the next movement - punch. It had a feeling of fighting two opponents: one on my left side, and one facing me. In my mind I followed the embusen of the kata, but my feet stayed totally still. Sometimes I'd have to do two techniques in the same direction, and would have to rely on hip vibration to provide the power for that technique. It was fascinating!! I really recommend trying this for fun one day. It is quite a mental effort.


Jill said...

Sometime we do something like that when doing the basic... When doing our freestyle we are ask to stay in a circle, almost at the same spot!!
It is really hard to stay at the same place, not to move foward...
I wish I could put more hips in my kick!!!

supergroup7 said...

It sure is hard to stay in the same place! Challenging.. but I love a challenge.

Hips in the kick? Um.. I'll see if I can come up with some ideas and post it on my blog.