Friday, February 16, 2007

Mom has been busy being mom...

I've had my hands full with field trips for the kids, theatre lessons for the kids, supporting my kids through life choices, an upcoming belt rank test, and coping with housework that still accumulates without cease.

Valentine's day was wonderful.. My husband abducted me away from everything.. even karate, and we spent the night together. I needed that. In fact, I needed more than just one evening, so I gave myself a few days break from everything. I brought the level of demand from me down to just resting, relaxing, and recuperating.

I've lost 12 pounds since Christmas.. I've been counting my calories successfully. It helps to have an online resource such as to help me. My goal is to lose another 20 pounds before this fall. At first I found that my body was struggling to perform at the same level with less calories, but within a couple of weeks my body adjusted, and all is good.

So now.. I enter a different level of my training wherein I allow myself to build up so that I can rely on that foundation later on. I never really equated "resting" with training before now, but I have found that it is just as important mentally, spiritually, and physically.


[Mat] said...

resting has done so much good to me.
My routine says " go train "

My mind says "why?"

I feel great too, but I'm slowly going to an inevitable return.

Maybe that's why injuries are there. to make us think : rest... rest...

be well

[Mat] said...

"Mom has been busy being mom..."

I hear it's like that until 80.

congrats on the weight loss. Keep it up. Joint joints will thank you later on. (believe me)

supergroup7 said...

Yeah.. Moms just can't help being Moms all the way until the end..

I wonder if our bodies will create an injury or illness sometimes just to force us to slow and and rest. Maybe our bodies are smarter than we are :-)

lizzie said...

Thanks for mentioning in your blog Supergroup. I joined and this is my second day keep track of my calories. I think this is going to help me watch what I eat a lot better. I sort of watched, but not really because I didn't know how my food choices would affect me. Now, I can watch a lot better by seeing how much calories I’m taking in and putting out. It set a goal that if I eat 1800 calories a day, by October, I will be down 157. I don't know if I'll go down that far; however, I think this will be a good way to keep my weight check and lose it slowly.

supergroup7 said...

Yes, that website is a great tool to use.. but it's only as accurate as what you type in.. and the listings do not always match what you ate. For example, I had eaten some Rye bread. According to the website each slice was worth 110 calories, but when I checked the package that the Rye bread came in.. it listed each slice at 70 calories. I guess that company uses less sugar, or fat in their bread.. It took me awhile to figure out how to add this bread to my day's list. I just wrote down that I had 1.5 servings of bread to match the amount of calories.

I've learned not to sweat too much about the 50 calories more or less.. as long as I work towards my goal of "thus much and no further" I've been losing weight. 16 pounds so far (2 1/2 months), and it's still going down.. And I've learned how to balance my meals so that I have room for a little sinful snack of chocolate, or ice cream.

My daughter has lost close to 30 pounds, and my husband about 12 pounds. I think that the key is knowing which foods have really high calories, and limiting them.