Sunday, February 04, 2007

This year's karate goals...

Gosh I'm slow! Usually I post these in late December or early January.. oh well better late than never.

Each year I make karate commitments. These aren't "resolutions", as in the
normal goals that many people do (watch their weight, stop smoking, and such), they are more like physical karate goals for the year. At the end of the year, I like to look back at what I had written as my goals, and to see if I had achieved some of them.

For the year 2006, this is what I wrote:

" Kihon: I want to find that central space within me as I do my basics.
Keeping my mind centered on my tanden, and attacking with my whole body, not just my arms, and legs.
Kata: I want to focus on keeping Zanchin throughout the kata in
spite of all the interruptions, and distractions.
Kumite: I want to keep a calm interior that is alert, and willing
to do what is necessary to react to what is coming in a flexible way, not
being locked into this or that combination. "

Looking at these statements, I realize that they are almost all interior
changes that I was looking to improve. Working on how I handle my
karate mentally. I feel that I have progressed some in this aspect this year.
Also, I've noticed that I have improved on a couple of other things as
I struggled to achieve the three goals that I had set for myself.

In the year 2007, my goals are going in a more physical direction.

Kihon: I want to be more alert to hear the various messages that my
body is telling me of "yes.. I can do more.." or "Hold on.. any more of this,
and I'm going to break down on you, " or "the technique would flow more
naturally THIS way."

Kata: Turning.. I want to focus on understanding the turns within the
kata,to understand my balance, placement of feet, turning of my head, and

Kumite: Ah... back to basics here as I struggle to keep my belt knot
pointing the right way, my feet pointing the right way, and my hands
pointing the right way.

What are your karate goals for the New Year?

Whatever they may be, I hope for the best for you all. Good health,
joy, and happiness to you, and those you love.

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