Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I have succumbed to the virus...

For all of my valiant efforts, I have finally fallen to the virus that was spreading through my house for weeks. I guess that it was inevitable.. Bring out the violins, and play me a dirge because my head is swelling, my nose is running, and I really dislike moving around.

I stayed home from Karate class last night, and the night before that... SHAME.. shame on me. But.. I didn't entirely miss out on training. Yesterday, my daughter approached me and said "Mom.. my belt test is this Friday.. please.. please help me practice.. please..." (*Insert darling big begging eyes from a sweet girl*)

So.. Mommy pulled her sorry body up and put on one of those tough "This cold can't stop me.. I'm as stubborn as a mule" attitudes, and said "Sure, honey.. I'll help you."

Well.. Things went along not too badly until Mom was demonstrating, and kiai'd. Oh Gosh I have a loud kiai! My headache just rang with it. I didn't know that sound seems louder when you are the one producing it, and you aren't feeling well.

I had to put one finger up to tell my daughter to wait a second. I held my head with my hands, and said "Sweetie.. how about you practice what we went over one more time while I make myself some tea?" Then I made a mental note to myself "No more kiai's until the headache is gone."

After that session, I was ready to crash on the couch, but my 9 year old daughter had noticed that I was helping the 13 year old.

"Mommy? I will be testing too.. Can we go over what I need to know?"

AH... even with a slow sickly thinking ability, I was still able to come up with a great solution. I called the older child over and said "This is great practice for you.. help her with her requirements.. I'll watch.. oh by the way.. NO kiai's"

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