Sunday, November 13, 2005

I feel ready

Let's see.. we are only 5 classes away from the BIG moment for me, and I feel ready.

I've trained extra since July of this year, building up my skills, working on my balance, focusing on my progress, and last night I felt that inner solidity that told me that I'm mentally, and physically up to the challenge. It's a nice feeling to know that you have done what you could to prepare for something and to recheck it all, and find it adequate.

Now it's time to pamper myself, relax, and allow time to bring me to where I need to be.. In fact, I'm happilly anticipating the moment now. Sure, I realize that there is so much more to learn in my path of training in karate, but I feel secure in the base that I have built in the past years that I will be able to add onto what I have, and continue growing in my art.

I still have that healthy nervousness of anticipation... which is good, because one doesn't want to be apathetic, and over confident about the whole event.

There is something magical about the Shodan test that just cannot be recaptured by any succeeding black belt Dan tests. It's similar to the first time that you walk into that Junior High school. For years you were the senior student of the elementary school with the responsibilities, and priviledges, and now you walk in amoung all of these tall teenagers, and you feel like you are back in kindergarten again.

Bring on the challenge, I'm ready to face what happens, and live with the results.

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