Monday, November 07, 2005

Overdid it again

I went up to Sensei first thing, and told him the bad news that I've overtrained this week by attending seminar classes, regular classes, and training at home. I had exhausted myself. I was feeling so sore! I could even feel the tiny little muscles on the sides of my knees.. that's how bad it was. Any stance made my legs shake. I was always behind everyone during our exercises. I actually made the Sempai chuckle because everyone would be finished the last movement, and kiai.. and then you would hear me a few breaths later like a little tiny terrier barking.

Sensei paired us off.. and we had to do one step sparring. Oh I was sore.. so sore. I stood there in front of my opponent thinking "Hey.. maybe I should just let the punch land.. it will hurt less than blocking, and countering." Ha haha.. but then I
decided to keep trying.. keep training.. facing each one with the attitude "Just one more.. I can do just one more.." and deep breathing in those moments of not moving.

Attacking was difficult enough, but then it was my turn to defend... again I was slower than I should be because of my stiffness, and that feeling of reluctance to move because of the pain. I heard a little voice in my head say "I can't do this", and I grabbed that thought and said instead "No.. no.. don't go there.. What if? What if I could block, and counter again? What if I have it within me to do one more? Surely.. I can do it. Just one more.."

I had to convince myself that I could do one more with each successive partner. Class was just one moment of pain, after another moment. I said to myself "This too shall pass.." and kept going until the end.

I was facing my last opponent, and I pulled down into the depths of me, forcing energy from my innards, forcing my muscles to block and counter.. my knees to bend so that I can reach my target.. my kiai to come out and buoy me through it all. I held my counter attack with a feeling of satisfaction. I felt so good. Although physically I was at my weakest, spiritually I was flying sky high!


Colin Wee said...

Make sure you remember to plateau and taper down before your test. Colin

supergroup7 said...

Ha hahaha..

You too, Colin! You are the fourth Sensei to tell me to taper down my training now. Ha ha ha.. I just finished typing out the "I can't believe that I'm doing this" entry to my blog, and then I read your comment. So I gather that it is a good thing to lower the training level before the test if so many wise martial artists are telling me the same thing. BUT it seems so backwards, doesn't it?

Colin Wee said...

It is wise to set yourself up to succeed. To succeed, you must be able to optimise your performance. Optimum performance cannot be achieved with an exhausted body. An exhausted body even just after a few hours of rest is unable to perform at its peak. Solid rest which will allow tired muscles to recuperate over several days is required.

The black belt test is not only a physical test. If anything you should be refreshed mentally for the challenges you face. Being tired may result in wrong/poor decisions. It may result in injury to yourself or your friends.

For you at this point of time, you have got to work smart ... not work hard.


Colin Wee said...

Yes. Stretching is good. Kata at slow speed is good. Shadow sparring at a relaxed rate is good. Mental visualisation is also important. Some very light exercises is what you need.

That means no to heavy strenous lifting, numerous situps, no serious kicking.

Maybe you'd like to take a slow walk with your partner or kids? You can also try massage - if no volunteers you can massage your own muscles.


supergroup7 said...

Advice well received, taken, and applied. Thank you so much Colin.

I've been a really good girl this past week, and pampered myself. I managed to even get some leg massages from my husband. How about that mental visualization thing? Am I to pretend that I'm already there, and testing, and doing well? If so.. I've been doing something like that before I go to sleep.