Friday, November 04, 2005

Officially feeling it today

Nurturing a sick daughter, getting lunches ready for 3 children, making sure the homeschooled son is doing his work, facing the hills of dishes, and mountains of laundry, finding the peanut butter container stashed behind the couch, sweeping lego, crayons, paper, crumbs off of the floor, realizing that I have yet to iron my gi for the noon karate class, Also becoming aware that it's past 10 am and I haven't eaten yet... I stopped for a few seconds to rest, and recuperate.

I have 7 minutes before I have to leave my home to go join class at seminar with Yaguchi Sensei. I have to walk the one hour trek to, and from the venue. The cost of my black belt test is making finances very very tight in my home. Then I return home, clean up more, make supper, and get ready for karate class tonight. I am One Tired Mommy.

Moments like this make you stop and ask yourself "Do I really want it that bad?"

Since my answer is still "Yes, it's worth it." Then I will stop typing, and start walking.

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