Thursday, November 10, 2005

Important enough to repeat it often..

There are as many different kinds of students out there in the martial arts world as there are personalities. Each person is unique, and brings a different flavour into the dojo. I've been thinking about "who" I want to be as I train: What kind of attitude, and performance I hope to achieve at each class.I hope some day to achieve the following

a) To approach every opportunity to train with a positive attitude, seeing within the repetition of movements the seeds of personal growth.

b) To challenge myself to apply my fullest energy to each technique.. as if it was the last one I could defend myself with regardless to how exhausted my body becomes with the effort.

c) To be willing to push myself to the point wherein I have to pull to the side of the dojo during class because I have no more to give.. not reserving strength to be able to last.

d) Having the humility to accept my mistakes, and limitations, and the wisdom to see a chance to improve them.

e) Cherishing the gift I have in a Sensei who has chosen to help guide my path in the martial arts by doing my best during class, and practicing what he has taught me in between classes.

f) Being grateful for the fact that I am able to train in karate.... that I have the health, breath, interest, and energy to do so in the first place.

g) When asked to instruct others, I want to teach them with knowledge, and not with derision. I want to respect the fact that they are relying on me to guide them properly, and to do my utmost to help them improve without making them feel lesser.

h) I want to be a source of support, and encouragement to others in my dojo. Energizing the room by responding to commands sharply, and properly. Kiai'ing with full spirit at the appropriate times. Keeping a focused attitude towards the execution of my techniques regardless of the behaviour of some students around me.

i) I want to be an example of self-control, and respect. Looking towards simple outward signs of having such an attitude like wearing a clean, ironed gi, with a well-tied obi, or placing my coat and shoes in a neat way at the entrance.

j) I want to have the inner flexibility to allow myself to enjoy karate, and yet manage to keep a serious demeanor. I want to respond to the needs of the moment, to be able to smile, and laugh.. and also to be focused, and centered when needed.

k) I want to be an extra emotional support to those women who chose to train in martial arts. Without being sexist, I would like to help women understand the different demands being placed upon them, and how to cope with them, as I struggle to find answers for myself.

L) I want to be open, friendly, and welcoming to new faces of the dojo, always keeping in mind how terrified I was on my first days of training.

m) I want to continue training well into my mature age.. keeping karate-do as part of my life until my last breath. Accepting the changes that time places on my body as a challenge to learn to adapt, and use what I have in the most efficient way possible.

If I can think of anything else that I am hoping to develop.. I will add it later.

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