Sunday, November 20, 2005

Only 5 days away

I'm trying not to get all uptight, and nervous about the upcoming test. Only 5 days away. I'm standing at the sink washing dishes, and finally keeping my mind busy with other thoughts when my little daughter comes in and says "Mommy! Your black belt test is only 5 days away.. Wow!" That number strikes into my mind like an alarm... Sheesh.

Bedtime, and my thoughts go towards.. "I wonder what will happen on that day. I wonder if I'll be able to cope with the nervousness.. I have to take it as "just another class"..but it's not just another class.. It's a black belt test. Oh gosh.. me? me? Yes.. of course me! That's why I've been training so hard all this time. I've got what it takes, I just have to let myself do it.. that's all... it's only 5 days away."

Deep breaths.. calm down. No need to get all uptight like the weeks before Christmas when I was a child, and I couldn't sleep because of all the thoughts of the presents that I'd be getting.. and daydreaming of what I'd find under the tree. I'm an adult now.. I can get beyond the excitement.. I can get past the anticipation. Oh I wonder if I'll see my friends at my belt test.. I wonder what it will be like to train under the new Master. I wonder if my muscles will cramp up that day or not... maybe I should make sure that I eat plenty of bananas on Thursday, and Friday before to make sure that I have enough potassium, and magnesium in my system.... only 5 days away.

This week is going to go by so fast.. and the testing will be over and done with before I know it.. and I'll be back to normal everyday training again. So I guess I should enjoy these final days of being extra energetic.

I've been watching my every step to make sure that I do not injure myself before my test. I've been extra paranoid that I'll catch a cold/flu before my test. I've been keeping track of how many hours of sleep I get.. it's only 5 days away, you know.

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Colin Wee said...

Good luck!