Thursday, May 03, 2007

Admiring my own wisdom

Being humble means accepting those good things about us with the same calmness as seeing our limitations. Today I decided to look over the answers that I had provided for the Combat Panel about a year and a half ago.

I was struck with how wise these words were:

"It will be easy to put aside all of your previous effort, and let the fires of motivation die out within you. What I have noticed is that every white belt who enters the dojo has the dream of being a black belt sparkling in their eyes. They don't actually believe that this goal is achievable for them, but they have a hope that it may be a possiblity. The truth is that it isn't just a vain empty hope, for each of them Black belt can be a reality. Each one of these white belts CAN become a Black belt if they find that solid core of determination within them to continue putting forth a full effort to do the best that they can in spite of obstacles. So many beginners start with high hopes, but for varying reasons, they will drop these hopes as the pressures of training start to form them into what they are hoping to become. In my opinion, the main difference between a white belt and a black belt is all the days of sweat, energy, and effort that has accumulated a certain amount of knowledge, ability, and skill. It isn't magic. It's all of those thousands of repetitious punches, kicks, kata, and exercises. It is in the constant mundane repetition, and practice of basic movements that you will find the key to the most awesome martial artists."

Karate is for everyone, and anyone. Dare to follow a dream, and achieve your goals!

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