Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The story about the bug..

During class in the month of May 2005 at my shotokan dojo, my Sensei noticed a tiny little black bug crawling on the floor.. the reason he pointed it out to us was how impressed he was at how quickly the little thing had managed to crawl from the outside door to the middle of the dojo.

Therefore Sensei chose not to kill the little thing but to allow it to cross the dojo, and get to the other side. (This little black bug becomes important to the story.. so just wait for it.)

We reached the end of class, and we students are standing in line waiting to be dismissed.

Sensei is telling us about the upcoming schedule of classes. All of a sudden I see this black speck flying towards me quickly, and I feel a little thump on the base of my neck (This is where the little bug landed on me.. but I didn't realize that it was the bug at the time.) I suddenly feel something fall inside my T shirt, and it starts crawling down among my feminine attachments. My eyes went wide in shock.. gosh.. it felt like it was at least a inch big.. Sensei was still talking. I was at my wit's end. I raised my hand trying to get Sensei's attention.. but he wasn't looking in my direction. Finally, in desperation, I squeaked out "Sensei!".. but Sensei was focused on what he was saying, and didn't notice my attempt to disrupt.

AARGH! I felt the bug crawl lower! AAAAARGH!!!!!! I stood still trying to respect the line up. Finally, the lead Sempai said "Dismissed". It felt like an eternity. Before the line had a chance to move.. I bolted for my backpack which contained some clothes, and started sprinting out of the dojo.

Sensei said "Mireille? What's wrong!!?"

I yelled back "THERE's a BUG in my GI!!!!" my voice filled with that tinge of horror and I rushed to the ladies changeroom.

Sensei turned to my husband and said "What did she say?"

My husband looked totally flabbergasted, and said "It sounded like she said that there is a bug in her gi!"

Sensei said "That's what I THOUGHT I heard her say.."

Meanwhile.. I was in the women's changeroom.. frantically working at the ties of my gi jacket, and cursing the Japanese designers that created the outfit. I managed to get it off, and stood there stripping off my T shirt as fast as possible to see the little black beetle type bug land at my feet. It was no more than an eighth of an inch big.. just a tiny little thing.

I put back on my clothes, caught the bug in my hands, and went back into the dojo to show my fellow students what had flown into my gi.

I don't know if one could call that mental control or not.. HA HA HA.. But my husband said that he wouldn't have been as polite during line up, as soon as he would have felt a bug fall into his clothes, he would have reacted right then, and not wait until the class was dismissed.

I hope that this story gave you a little laugh,


Colin Wee said...

Glad you finally caught the Karate bug.


supergroup7 said...


Ha ha ha ha

[Mat] said...

it is indeed funny!