Thursday, May 10, 2007

Looking for an opportunity to compete in Kyokushin Kata

I've become interested in competing in the Kata division for Kyokushin, but I'm not aware of any tournaments which include this aspect. It almost seems that most Kyokushin tournaments focus only on the sparring part of full contact fighting, and seem to put aside the Weapons, and empty hand kata.

I feel that kata is an important part of training. Kyokushin kata has such a powerful, graceful, and intricate presence. There are so many lessons that it teaches. It shows forth such a different philosophy than the other styles of karate in it's movements, and applications. A Kyokushin performance of kata, done with spirit, power, and balance is mesmerizing. It has a complex combination of little movements combined with large strong powered strikes. The weapons Kyokushin kata is so practical, and solid.

In my small way, I would like to compete in Kata as a Kyokushin participant to bring forth ( as best as I can) an interest, and desire to look more deeply into one's kata. Regardless of how I place as a participant during the tournament, I feel that my efforts, spirit and my love for kata that is performed as "Kata no chi" ( "Kata as my blood") might spark some interest, and curiousity in other Kyokushin karate ka.

So.. now I have to find opportunities.. and put aside money to be able to travel, and attend these tournaments.

Would any of you fine readers be aware of an opportunity to compete in Kyokushin kata in North America?


[Mat] said...

Hi Sensei,

You might consider Opens. They allow any style of karate katas. Even if the main focus is on shotokan, goju, wado and shito-ryu.

They did accept my Chito-ryu kata. I did not have to relearn the shotokan Heian kata (which would be really counter productive (for me)).

Most kyokushin competitions I have heard of involve only kumite.

Be well!

supergroup7 said...

Yes Mat.. I've heard of Open tournaments.. but I don't know where to find them. I'll start by google- ing to see what I can find in my city.

I know that there are some Kyokushin kata competitions in New York.. but Wow.. that's far.. far away for a little Mom like me to travel.

FrogMan said...

Mireille as I said on my blog, I don't see why a competition like the Quebec Open wouldn't accept your kata. Still, it's another long way from Winnipeg to Quebec City but Quebec City is a far nicer place to visit than New York City... ;)

If I'm not mistaken, the competition Mat is referring to is one of the smaller open competitions that my federation ( runs and as I said, I'd have a hard time thinking they wouldn't accept you. Sure, you would not be competing strictly with kyokushin people, but it's certainly better than nothing...

Take care, Steve

supergroup7 said...

Didn't your organization JUST have that Open tournament like last weekend or something, Frogman?

Is it held at this time each year?

It would be wonderful to meet all of you at such an event. A lady has rights to daydream..

FrogMan said...

Mireille, yes, the Quebec Open is an annual event and has been happening for the last 27 years. The last two years, it has been happening during the last Friday/Saturday of April.

Open (musical) forms run offs usually are on Friday evening while the underbelt traditional and open forms (non musical) and the black belt runoffs are on Saturday morning. The day is capped with the wonderful Saturday evening show. If anything, that show could be part of a big visit to Quebec City. ;)

Take Care, Steve

FrogMan said...

oh, and the other competition I was referring to (talking about Mat) was one of the five other regional competition that the Sudios Unis run. We usually have one per month in October, November, December, February and March.

visit or even for more information on our competition.

Take care, Steve

supergroup7 said...

Oh boy... that Quebec Open tournament sounds daunting: More than 2000 competitors.. International champions, over 300 volunteers..

OH GEEZ! I don't think that I fit in that category. That's frightening.. terrifying even.. especially for one's first venture out into the jungles of tournaments as a Kyokushin kata competitor.

but the other competitions that you mention is regional.. That means that I'd have to live in the region, doesn't it?

FrogMan said...

While yes, the Quebec Open may look like a huge thing, with tons of competitors, I was more thinking of who do you compete against, really? Others, or yourself? Ain't the goal to be try to present a kata in front of judges and see if you can really make that kata your own so much that you are feeling good about presenting it, no matter who went before or after you? Just a thought.

And my idea behind the Quebec Open, especially for you coming from far away, is the fact that there's the Saturday night show which to be honest is a must see. It's an amazing show with all sorts of martial arts being represented, be them traditional or open/creative style, there's something for everyone.

Take a look at this link:

These are the so called "regional" competition. I called them that way because they are not really advertised on a national/international level but I really doubt they would keep you from participating if you were coming from outside the Quebec City area. Mat is from maybe 90 minutes away and I've seen plenty of people coming from the Montreal area to compete.

I'm guessing the best for you would be to either send an email to them or give them a call and tell about what you would do and see if they would accept your kata in their competition.

Good luck!


[Mat] said...

Well, Frogman is partly right.

I am talking about the little competition and also the Montreal Open which is led by karatequebec. The ruling authority for our province.

I missed the quebec open. SHAME ON ME! but I'll be in the Montreal Open in June (10?). I was on duty with my nieces. Not competing this time. Watching and cheering my fellow trainee.