Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Three cheers and a hurray for me!

With a little help ( Thank you Black Belt Mama ) I was able to get one of those statcounters on my weblog. Through that experience, I learned how to get my name on my profile, and I added my favorite picture here and there.


My blog looks a little less plain now.. n'est-ce pas?

Now back to removing dandelions.. I'm 1/3 finished the back yard. I'm telling you, I want that weed hound now so bad it hurts. I mean really hurts. I've been in seiza for hours pulling out the weeds with a $5 tool from the local hardware store, and my butt muscles are becoming really toned, and extra sore.


supergroup7 said...

Oh boy.. oh boy.. my picture is included in my comments now.. So THAT is how you were all doing it!

Tee hee hee.. does a happy dance. ( With a Bo staff in my hands of course)

John Vesia said...

Nice profile photo. And a blogroll! Very nice.

Maybe I missed something in your posts, but did you ever compete in kata for kyokushin? What kata did you pick?

Steve said...

I'm sure that your yard appreciates the attention! ;)

Oh, and it's nice to see you!

supergroup7 said...

No John.. I haven't competed yet in kata for Kyokushin. This is my desire.

I would like to go and represent my dojo in a Kyokushin kata tournament.

If I had to pick a kata it would have to be Tsuki No kata, Pinan Sono Ni, or Sanchin due to my belt rank.

I would prefer performing Tsuki No Kata over the other two.

supergroup7 said...

I'm quite happy with the results of the yard, and of my weblog changes myself. I guess that it shows :-)

blackbeltmama said...

Congrats on the blogroll, glad I could be of assistance.

Steve said...

What's the advantage of a blogroll?

supergroup7 said...

Well.. the first thing that a blogroll does is make it easier for me to go visit all of my blogging friends. I can just go to my blog, and click away. I used to have to go to bookmarks, down to blog file, then scroll to the blog I wanted. Now it's a simple click.. and boom I'm visiting you.

Second.. When people come to visit my blog they can easily find blogs of similar nature as mine because I've listed them on the side. This means that people like yourself might get a couple of extra visitors as people surf through my page, and say something like "Oooo... BJJ.. I've always wanted to read about that!"

Ed Reed said...

I'm probably too late but check out this dandelion remover. The Dandelion Terminator. It's easy, safe, organic and dare I say fun to use.

supergroup7 said...

Thank you for the suggestion. It's never too late to give such good advice. Dandelion season is just a few months away again.