Friday, May 04, 2007

O.K.. It's time!

I've been teaching for over 4 months now, my students are heading into their second belt rank test, everything is calm, I've gotten my Sensei's permission to tell my internet friends about my promotion.

I have been promoted to Sensei of a karate dojo. I have taken over an existing club for a Sensei who had to leave for work related reasons.

I still have to stay quiet about my promotion where I train as it hasn't been officially announced yet. *chuckle* I think that it's funny that people in Australia, England, United states, and Montreal know about this, but the people that I face everyday in class are still not aware.. ha ha ha.

Some of my internet friends already know of this promotion as it has been mentioned on other Martial arts forums. I've been delaying the addition of a thread on my weblog for quite awhile... but I feel that the time is right.

So.. now that I'm a Sensei.. I expect better behaviour from the visitors of my weblogs or I will be forced to apply some virtual discipline!! That especially pertains to you Mat!! *cracks the whip* ( Do Sensei's use whips?? or should I smack my Bo staff on the wall or something like that? Maybe I should just make you go to the end of the internet and back 20 times..)

Oh.. I feel the aches, and burdens of being a Sensei already wearing down on my shoulders.. boo hoo hoo.. I think that it's time to consider retiring. (wink wink)


[Mat] said...


Crack that whip!

~Amber~ said...

Congrats! I don't know if Senseis use whips, but you could always whack a shinai across the back of the legs for some discipline when necessary ;) Thanks for the help with my exercise plan and all your great comments on my blog :)

frotoe said...

Wow congratulations! That is terrific!

Colin Wee said...

I'm proud of you, Mir!

And yes ... I should start working again on your website. Sorry for the delays.


supergroup7 said...

Ha ha ha Mat! You always have such funny reactions!

I don't have a shinai, Amber.. I have never seen one either. I've been hit with a wooden stick on the back of the legs though.. would that count?

Thanks Frotoe! Hugs.

It feels nice inside to know that you are proud of me. Delays are fine, Colin. I'm not in a big rush. I don't think that my Dojo's website is getting much traffic anyways. It's just something that I'm doing for me.

MrX said...

Congratulations Sensei Mireille!

"Do me 25 push-ups" can be a phrase you can get used to saying... (a whip is so medieval Mat!)

A secret promotion? Must be ackward...


supergroup7 said...

Thank you MrX.

Yes.. It's been a little awkward at first as a few people were asking me some questions at first. I just answered that I couldn't talk about such things, and changed the topic. All has gone back to normal.

I show up to class like normal, I train, and I learn. All is good.

I'm guessing that the "Big Announcement" will happen at our united Dojo Upcoming Tournament at the end of May. All of the dojo will be present there, including mine. My students will be competing. It will be a blast for them, and I.

MrX said...

Is your Dojo farther from home or closer?

So you still train at your regular Dojo on top of your teaching schedule? Are the two Dojos far apart?

I mean, how many Dojos can there be in a reclusive place like Winnipeg ? :-) You know, where buffalo herds run in the wheat fields. :-)


supergroup7 said...

"Is your Dojo farther from home or closer?"

The Main dojo that I train in is quite far from my home. It takes me a good hour and a half to get there by bus.

My Kyokushin Dojo is about an hour's bus ride from my home.

My Dojo, Mizu Dojo, is closer to my home. It is a 20 minute bus ride.

"So you still train at your regular Dojo on top of your teaching schedule?"

Yes. I still train two 2 hour classes a week at the Main Shotokan Dojo. Also, I still train two 3 1/2 hour classes at the Kyokushin Dojo per week. This is in addition to teaching two 2 hour classes a week in my dojo.

"Are the two Dojos far apart?"

The Main Dojo is south of the city center, the Kyokushin Dojo is Northeast, my Dojo is West. It's not an easy transit to get from one to the other.

"I mean, how many Dojos can there be in a reclusive place like Winnipeg ? :-) You know, where buffalo herds run in the wheat fields. :-)"

I thought the same thing, myself.

It was quite a surprise to me to find out how many Martial arts clubs there are in this city. In Shotokan, we have 3 organizations represented here. The I.S.K.F. (JKA-WF) has 9 dojo. The I.T.K.F. has about 12 dojo. The JKA has 4 dojo.

Now.. in addition to this Winnipeg hosts many Judo dojo (over 25 clubs)

There are 3 different Tae Kwon Do organizations represented in Winnipeg: the ITF, WTF, and GTF. At last count there are 56 Dojang.

There are a good 20 Winnipeg Kung Fu schools (I'm guessing here because they are not listed.)

We have another dozen Aikido Dojo.

We have 5 Sikaran clubs ( Philipino Kicking style fighting )

There are 3 Kyokushin Karate Clubs.

Goju Ryu? There are at least 20 of that style.

I know of at least 10 Mixed Martial arts clubs.

So.. I could estimate a good 160 Martial arts clubs scattered around this city. Isn't that CRAZY???

Winnipeg was crowned Slurpee Capital of the world for six years running-- guzzling a record 400,000 slurpees every month.

Winnipegers have the most restaurants per person in Canada, and it might be that we have the most martial arts instruction per person too. I guess that's how we work off all of those extra calories. :-)

[Mat] said...

I prefer the whip :)
Medieval or not (hehehehe)

Just kidding, I'm joking, in fact, I'm more of the soft kind. Or so I think.

160 dojos/dojang!
That a great lot. Around here, there are about.. 6 or 8 counting those non-martial ones.

Pretty nice.

I promise to behave, Sensei.

supergroup7 said...

You promise to behave? Ha ha ha

Don't make promises that you may not be able to keep. :-P