Friday, May 11, 2007

Warning: The contents of this post is religious in nature

I've been thinking about death, eternity, and heaven. One of my biggest concerns is "Will there be karate in heaven?" Yes.. I know.. sounds childish... yet it's one thing that I would LIKE to see happening up there.

I realize that Karate is the study of war, and since there is no conflict in heaven, there would be no war.. so therefore no need to study "how to fight".

I realize that Karate is geared to the perfection of character. Since people are supposed to achieve as close to perfection as possible in their afterlife, there would be no need for hard training. We will already have patience, perseverance, peace, humility, self control and goodness.

There is supposed to be no pain, no tears, and no suffering in heaven. There goes body conditioning... sigh..

But I LIKE karate.. gosh.. I love it. Sparring with someone who has the right attitude, focus, speed, skill, and who respects you as a fellow martial artist is a JOY. It's like dancing superbly. There is such GOODNESS in it.

Sure.. there are those moments when the person you are sparring with only views you as target practice.. but those aren't the heavenly moments that I'm talking about. It's when both sparring partners have a mutual respect for the spirit of the other, and there is both a challenge, and a support coming from both sides. It almost feels like you could spar forever.

The thought that comes to my mind is that Angels sing.. Angels sing continually. They don't have to, it's not like God is going to get upset if the Angels stopped singing. It's not like their singing "does" anything.. like keep the floodgates closed or something like that. They just sing because they want to, they enjoy it, it expresses them. Perhaps I can have a hope that since I have developed such a bond with expressing myself through karate, there is a good chance that in heaven I'll be able to continue with this expression even though there is no need for it.

Oh.. I'll probably sing too.. I like singing. I might chose to ride horses, dolphins, or Pteradactyls. I might check out what's going on in the other parts of the universe.. but I'm SURE that I would want to enjoy myself in kata.. and express myself in the joy of Martial arts. I'll see if I can bump into the Masters, and share my gratitude for the gift that they have given to us. It should take a couple of millenium to find them among the billions of people up there, especially since there are new people going up there everyday.... but hey, I have an eternity.. what's a few millenium? I'll just interrupt a couple of angels from their singing, and ask for directions to the nearest dojo.

BUT.. just in case there is no karate in heaven.. I'd better really enjoy, and treasure every moment that I have to train in karate down here on earth. This is my chance to share my joy, to help others develop, to learn as much as I can, and to build up my health. I believe that investing mentally, physically, and financially in my Art is called for by the fact that I only have today. I'm never guaranteed a tomorrow. Today I have a Sensei, a dojo, and others to train with.. I need to give it my fullest energy, and dedication so that I can be the BEST that I can be with what I have. Heaven can wait...


supergroup7 said...
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supergroup7 said...

Second Anonymous poster:

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[i]i think there will be karate in heaven. Because i don`t think it sounds childish at all! I hope there will be gardens in heaven becase i like spending the little time i have with my mother gardening. this has really made me belive anything is possible if you try! Oh and would like to thank you for everything that you have given me. thank you for everything which brightened up my day.[/i]

posted through Mireille Clark

supergroup7 said...

How could there NOT be gardens in heaven? If earth is a sample of what awaits us.. Wow.. the possibilities of how wonderful it could be up there. I've had my breath catch in my throat just at the beauty of a sunset with purple clouds on an orange sky. I never thought that those two colors would mix so beautifully.. but they did.

Gardens in Heaven? In my opinion that is a definate! Eden was the first paradise on earth.. and it was a garden.

War in heaven? Well.. according to legend it did happen once... when the angels fought. Do the angels still spar for the fun of it? Don't know... maybe that is what all the thunder and lightning is during a storm... But I've heard rumours that the noise and light from a thunderstorm is really the effects of God having fun bowling.

keely said...

dear supergroup7
i would like your very knowledgeable advice because its that one special comment that always makes someones day. most of my day is horrible. I go home to do chores and work my butt off and all i get is mean and rude comments while i`m doing my work, then i go to school which i`m constantly bullied and come home and torrmented once again. but there are my two best friend cheering me on. they make me feel like i have a spiecal purrpose that no one else can do but me and make me feel like queen of the world. those comments just make my day go from horribel and missirble to i can do anything if i try! thank you and tell my two special "angels" they have made the most of my day.

with lots of love keely

supergroup7 said...

Keeley.. thank you for visiting my weblog, and sharing so much with me.

I can see how difficult it must be to live in a place where you feel unhappy, and to have to go to school where you feel unhappy also.

It is a good thing that you have been given the gift of good friends that support you, and treat you with the goodness, and acceptance that you deserve. These two angels are just responding to the beauty that you carry within you. You are a wonderful person.. no matter what anyone else says or thinks. Sometimes it's hard to "feel" that goodness when you are placed in darkness.. but it's still there in the center of you. You just have to be silent, and quiet, and look deep into the middle of "who" you are.

I can tell you that dark days happen in everyone's life, but they do not last forever. Happiness is a natural state of being. We are supposed to be happy.. it's how we are designed on the inside. If you look at a dog, or a bird, or any animal.. most of the time they are happy, not mean and growling.. unless their needs have not been met, or they have been trained to be mean.

We all have a need to be accepted, respected, and wanted.. sometimes we might not get that need fulfilled where we think that we should, and we might find acceptance somewhere else. But as long as you know that there are people on this earth that care about you, it can hold you up when the storms of sadness come around.

Cherish the little things that make you smile. Stop for a second, and be grateful for the simplest things.. like being able to see, and move, and breath.. and.. and... like dust... Dust looks really neat when you draw your finger through it, and make pictures before you sweep it away, and see the color of the shelf under it. That dust might just have bits and pieces of Ancient Eqypt in it.. COOL! We actually need dust to be healthy.
My Auntie had been SUCH a neat person that she had cleaned her place SO much that she was making herself sick. She needed to import dust to put into her home so that she could be healthy again.

So.. I Know that you will get many, many wonderful GOOD moments in your life. Keep the caring love of your friends close to you when you need a "pick me up".

[Mat] said...

Anonymous postings?
People... would you speak like that to someone in front of you?
Come here, take a drink, relax, enjoy the sunshine.

(Hi sensei)
Interesting post.

What if karate is a gateway to something else?
I know it was for me.
What if through karate, we reach part of the old masters of the past?
What if through karate, we get bigger than ourselves?
What if through karate, we become better persons?

Then long live karate.
and perseverance, of course.

supergroup7 said...

Karate itself can only offer opportunities. In my eyes it is like going to school. It is up to the student to take advantage of the lessons that are possible, and embrace them so that they can pull out as much as possible from the experience.

The more we invest ourselves into our training the more we can touch the past, the present, and the future. Also, we can learn more about ourselves "Who we are", our potential "Who we could be", and our courage "Who we chose to be".