Saturday, May 12, 2007

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The weather is lovely, and the grass in my yard is long. I have far too many dandelions. Since I do not like using chemicals.. I shudder at how many hours it will take to physically pull those out.

I'm not really up to anything physical today. I think that I have some sort of flu thing bothering me. Just didn't feel hungry, in spite of the lovely supper my husband had prepared. I have a slight fever too. I don't even feel good enough to curl up and sleep. Now.. that's nasty.

Yep.. tomorrow is Mother's Day.. and I'm not up to celebrating.

I wasn't up to Karate training today either. I was sluggish in class this morning. It just felt like I was hauling a wooden wagon behind me as I moved in stance. Even Kata seemed to pull energy out of me. I trained anyway. Karate comes from within.. and my center chose to train.

Life is like that though.. sometimes you do things just to do them.


[Mat] said...


I have about 2000 on my yard. (insert crying sound here)

supergroup7 said...

I don't think that I have 2000.. but I have enough that my spine shrinks at the thought of pulling them out. I even wonder how bad would it be to have a yard of lovely yellow flowers?

Then I think of the reaction of my neighbours to that idea, and I go back to considering pulling them out one by one.

Will said...

Normally, I wouldn't comment on weeds as a Karateka but I'll do it and you can thank me later, two words - weed hound

$20 bucks american at Walmart, it'll be the best $20 bucks you ever spend - no more aching back and it'll even improve your tettsui if you are so inclined.

supergroup7 said...

I saw the video, and I WANT that weed hound.. OH.. man I wish that I had a cell phone to tell my husband to pick one up right away, and bring it home.

Thanks Will!!!!!

Next time we spar, I promise to be extra nice to you. (Now, you can take that promise in any way that you want. *evil grin*)

[Mat] said...

Happy Mommy's day, Sensei!

Self-love is perhaps, the hardest and greatest love to find.

be well!

[Mat] said...

hey, that weed hound is magnificent.

My neighbors have one. This is great

supergroup7 said...

Thanks Mat..

Mothers day went a little bumpy in the morning. I had to discipline the younger set of kids.

But the afternoon, and evening went by more smoothly. I rested, and was pampered with vegetarian pizza ( my favorite) What more can I ask?